Linkedin CV Writing Service: 4 Awesome Concepts for LinkedIn Summaries

It is known that what makes a great LinkedIn profile is not only your name and your photo, having a professional looking profile in LinkedIn actually demands some work and thinking in order to achieve great things. The most successful profiles on LinkedIn have been thought a lot in order to be the top of the list when it comes to professionalism.

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However, in order to avoid all this trouble, you can use a LinkedIn CV writing service in order to make your profile look immensely better without having to spend much time or effort. Making your profile look professional is really important, as 7 out of 10 professionals describe LinkedIn as a trustworthy source of professional content, so it is better to comply with this description.

Also, it is known that summaries with more than 40 words are more likely to show up on search engines, making them really important resume tactics and strategies. However, you may be wondering what to write in a LinkedIn summary and how it is supposed to look like. For this, our LinkedIn profile assistance website made a list with some of the best tips on how to write a good LinkedIn summary for job seekers that will get you more opportunities.

what to write in a linkedin summary

Take a look further to know more about the best summary tactics and strategies for you to write an awesome LinkedIn summary!

5 Best Ideas for a Summary Profile for LinkedIn

If you’ve already used social media before you may already know that there are three things that make your profile stand out from the rest, your picture, your tagline or name, and your summary or description. These three factors are the most important every time you think of creating a good example summary for LinkedIn.

However, writing while also taking into account these factors is not enough. That’s why we have put together a list with some of the best ideas for writing a great summary:

Describe who you are concisely and succinctly

For this idea, we recommend using a compelling writing. If you fail to make your profile viewers fall for you at this first impression, there may not be a better opportunity for you later. So, take your time and write a good self-description about your past, your present and your hopeful future in a way that looks appealing in order to look better for potential customers and employers.

According to Nicole Williams, a LinkedIn Career Expert

“The summary statement offers an opportunity to project some personality” she says. “This a great place to reflect your professional brand — explaining why you got into the industry, what you love about it, and what kind of professional you are.”

Highlight your accomplishments and successes correctly

If you own a business, you have worked for big important companies or you just have made a big impact on your area of expertise nationally or internationally, let everyone know about it in your profile summary. However, always remember to use a good storytelling style in order to make people eventually read what you have to say.

As Brenda Bernstein from CareerCast said:

“Tell stories. Share your accomplishments. Everyone likes a good story.” She also adds, “If you can grab some attention with something about yourself that we wouldn’t know from your resume bullets, you’re heading in the right direction.”

Write about yourself with your own style

Writing your self-description shouldn’t be a problem. However, it is always important to do it with a great storytelling and compelling writing that makes other people fall for your stories. Even though this is a place to infuse professionalism, there’s no a real problem when you write with easy-to-read content and a less preoccupied style.

Here Nicole Williams says that either way, remember this is a place to infuse personality. However, she affirms:

“You should also avoid getting too personal. You can add that you like to hike, travel, or run marathons — but don’t let your personal accomplishments and interests overshadow your professional ones.”

Write using a lot of targeted keywords

Yes, even though you may be thinking that keywords don’t matter too much, they are actually a great way to make your content appear on search engines like Google. Using a correct amount of keywords and with a perfect description and summary, your profile will eventually achieve more views.

Your keywords should all be about your skills and services, also include all those relevant to your field of work. If you want to know more about what you can write on your summary as keywords, we recommend taking a good look at those LinkedIn profiles of expert and professionals on your own area of work in order to see how they make use of keywords depending on the industry.

Include all your contact information

This is also really important when writing a summary profile for LinkedIn. Writing your contact information will make it easier for people to contact you and eventually make you more reachable.

Brenda Bernstein says this about adding your contact info:

“Make it easy for people to find you. If you’re comfortable, include your phone number and e-mail. Or just include your email, or perhaps a special e-mail you use just for LinkedIn, so if you get spammed you can easily close the account.”

These are the most important tips you can read about writing a good LinkedIn summary for job seekers. However, every time you are writing your description you should always take into account the type of people you are targeting your content to, if you want your profile to be seen by a certain kind of people, think ahead and write about what they may be looking for.

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