5 Main Features of a Good LinkedIn Profile

The social network LinkedIn it is amazing helping people stay connected, to build good contacts with others who have reached great positions in their companies and to become public for others to contact for an open position. However, LinkedIn does not perform magic; a good LinkedIn business profile is needed, so people can find your profile. Here you will find the 5 main features of such a good profile, one that will put you in the Google search results.

Optimized Linkedin Profile - It`s

More Online Visibility

Improved Employment Opportunities

More Business Partners

Broader Clients Reach

Take a look at the 5 main features of good LinkedIn profiles:

Profile Completed

This is definitely something that you cannot miss having. An incomplete profile will not take you anywhere, or actually, yes, it will take you to the bottom of search rankings. You must complete your profile in order to be taken into account at the time of searching algorithm where the completed profiles are.

An attractive headline with a call to action

This is where you will get people’s attention. With an attractive headline, the reader would not avoid wanting to read more about you. If the headline is bad, they might lose interest and move to a different profile. The call to action should be included in the headline. That call to action should indicate a solution and move the reader to contact you.


Do not think that you can have your profile completed without a photograph. This is just as important as filling all the information about you. Without a photograph your profile would not be completed and you know what happens to incomplete profiles.

Keywords included in selective profile sections

Adding keywords is essential, however, you must know that there are some profile sections in which it gives more results. For example, sections like the headline, summary, work experience and skills.

Third party recommendations

Recommendations are always necessary. A little recommendation from clients, or colleagues are always important to add credibility to what you are stating in your profile. The more they praise you, the more people would want to work with you.

Remember features and start working on your LinkedIn profile development. If you need a hand with your profile, we would be more than ready to share with you our experience and knowledge about what sort of things will help you to show above the results. We are proud of providing our services to many people that have desired to standout on LinkedIn. We know how hard it can be but with our help, you do  not need to worry.

Let us be part of the creation of your LinkedIn profile, and get ready to start receiving the best searching results you ever imagined.