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If you are not yet on LinkedIn creating a LinkedIn profile is vital. Without one, you look as though you haven’t embraced modern technology and look unprofessional to potential employers who are looking for innovative and modern employees. Even if you have created one, it sometimes helps to refresh it every so often, so that your page doesn’t stagnate. If you are unsure about how you create LinkedIn profile following these tips will help.

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LinkedIn Tips for Your Profile

Most of the clients who come to are seeking LinkedIn profile tips. They know that this part of their page should be as strong as possible. We have the experts on staff to provide you with the best possible LinkedIn tips to improve your current profile. It is important that you update your profile on a regular basis and be visible on the site. Many people say that once they get used to using LinkedIn it becomes part of their morning routine to check their page.

The writing process. LinkedIn profile writing is tough and even professional writers find it hard. This is because a LinkedIn profile needs to be original, show your personality but also be professional; a difficult balancing act to get right. When writing your LinkedIn profile, always keep in mind who you’re writing it for, essentially potential employers and clients. Think about the sort of language used in your profession and whether or not your industry is formal or informal. If you are a graduate looking to land your first job research what those within the industry you’re hoping to join write in their profiles. This will give you an idea of how informal or formal the industry is, plus the sort of qualifications and skills professionals within the profession include. What is paramount, however, is that you don’t copy other people’s LinkedIn profiles. Taking ideas about style and essential information to include is fine, but your LinkedIn profile is unique to you and should be original.

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What to include. Deciding what to include can be difficult, and a good idea is to start by outlining all the points you want to include, aspects of your career that you are particularly proud of and qualifications and skills you know are vital in your industry. Also, think about adding something a bit personal, but which will still add value to your LinkedIn profile.

Your image. You should also spend time on getting the right photo for your LinkedIn profile. This doesn’t mean you need to go to a professional photographer, but it does mean you shouldn’t add an image of you on vacation or party with your friends. It sounds obvious, but some people still seem to forget. In your image, you need to come across as professional, approachable and friendly. No one wants to work with someone who looks moody, so make sure you’re smiling! Saying this, no one wants to hire someone who looks like a slacker so remember at all times to keep it professional. Do not miss an important opportunity because you did not include your latest achievements. If you have acquired a new skill, do not forget to mention it. Keep it updated.

On our website, you can find out more detailed tips on how to create an outstanding LinkedIn profile.

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Common LinkedIn Tips for All Users

Whatever your reasons may be for networking by using LinkedIn, our experts say that there are common LinkedIn tips that apply to everyone.

These are:

  • Complete your LinkedIn profile. Those who view your profile need to have some sense of who you are and what your skillset is. Provide details of your qualifications and experience if you are looking for a job because this will be what recruiters want to know about you. Business owners should complete their company page in order for potential customers to decide to buy from them.
  • Join groups on LinkedIn. Scan the many groups and select the ones that apply to you. By doing this and connecting with other group members you can gain valuable LinkedIn advice on many issues. Furthermore, select wisely the group you will join. Why do we say this? There are many groups that are related to what you do, however, not all of them are the more convenient. You would want to learn more about them before joining, for example, find out about their location, how active their members are, and more things that can indicate if that group is suitable for you or not.
  • Ask questions to receive LinkedIn help. You don’t have to go it alone because this is a site that does provide user help. LinkedIn questions and answers page is another way for you to get noticed.
  • Add important skills and experience. People want to know what you can do and how long you have been doing that. Do not forget to include all-important skills that can help you get contacted.
  • Apply right away. Do not take forever to apply for a job. Remember that there are much more who will try to obtain that open position. Be determined to apply so you take the opportunity.
  • Include a professional updated picture. No one wants to read about an unknown face. Share your picture and make sure you upload one that is presentable and updated.
  • Use keywords in the right sections. There is no better way to attract recruiters than by adding some keywords. Use them in the headline, and in some other important sections to make the search easier for them.
  • Be cautious when looking other people’s profile. When you see someone else’s profile they would be able to see all of your information as well. If you want to remain private for them, you can use the option to select what others can see when you view their profile.
  • Include presentations, videos, or images. Make a good use of media files that you can include in your profile. Presentations and videos are always attractive for those who are looking something different.
  • Hide activity broadcast. When looking for a job, others could see your activity and you would not want your current boss to see that. Make sure that you have turned off your activity broadcast.
  • Keep your profile updated. Your LinkedIn profile is your chance to sell yourself to prospective employers. Even if you’re not currently looking for a job you never know what opportunities can present them simply from having a good LinkedIn profile. Alternatively, if you are currently job-hunting your LinkedIn profile is a vital aspect of securing a new job. This is where recruiters will go to once they read through your application to get an idea of how you market yourself online.

LinkedIn tips provide you with great ideas of how you can make the most of this very popular social networking platform. There are numerous tips on every aspect of the site, such as tips for writing a profile, tips for getting a job, tips for setting up a company page and so much more. has loads of tips for you to use so that you can be seen as an expert with numerous followers.

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