LinkedIn Networking Tips

Social networking through sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn has taken the Internet by storm. This is the way in which companies do business and people search for better job opportunities. In order to make the most of your profile page you really do need to learn some tips for LinkedIn networking. There are specific ways in which you have to leverage the way in which you use networking on LinkedIn. Our experts at have secrets they can share with you for all your networking with LinkedIn activities.

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What not to do for LinkedIn networking

In order to be seen as credible and as an expert in your field, you should never select all the people who are in your address book on your regular email service. Many of these are just acquaintances who have nothing to do with your LinkedIn networking goals. Adding too many people that don’t have any relevance to your profile could be seen as a violation and hinder your LinkedIn professional networking agenda.

What you should do for LinkedIn networking

You do have to manage your LinkedIn connections just as you do with your Facebook friends. Here are some of the LinkedIn networking tips that our experts share with clients:

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  • Be very cognizant of the skills of those with whom you send a request for connection. It is best that you really look at their skills to make sure they will be of benefit to you for LinkedIn networking.
  • Always complete the form to tell how you know this person. It would not be a good idea to connect with many people that you have never had any contact with.
  • One of the best ways to engage in networking, LinkedIn experts will tell you is to request endorsements from the contacts. When you have recommendations from credible connections this goes a long way to establishing your credibility in LinkedIn professional networking

By reading these three simple LinkedIn networking tips you can get a good idea of the help you will receive from

We have many more tips to share with you about LinkedIn networking. Visit to learn how you can enjoy them all.