Common LinkedIn Mistakes

Generating the Best LinkedIn Profile

Social media plays an important role in securing a good place in the business industry or at least beef up your image as an outstanding employee with plenty of skills and achievements to show for it. To perform in the best way you might need LinkedIn profile help as the requirements are constantly updating. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and even blogs are not just for getting in touch with the outside world but can also be used to market yourself when looking for potential work. Another platform that is now being put to good use is LinkedIn where in you can create a brand image of yourself for future employers to see.

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Common LinkedIn Mistakes

Some believe that LinkedIn is just another online site where you can go crazy with the content but being a platform for employees and employers alike to showcase their skills, you need to be smart with what you post so that others can really see your true potential. Funny enough, when you look at LinkedIn profiles you will see a lot of creativity out there. Unfortunately, there are some who has taken their creativity to the extreme thus creating some LinkedIn mistakes that you should avoid.

Here are some examples of what you should avoid including in your LinkedIn profile:

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“Expert in sarcasm. Can crack wise ass remarks with finesse.”

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“Capable of sitting on a chair without feeling tired or numb.”

“Went to lunch a lot.”

Best LinkedIn Profile

There are several ways for you to create the best LinkedIn profile. Here are some that you should keep in mind when working on your profile.

  • Include a photo – Not Facebook photo but a decent looking photo of you. Ditch the sunglasses or that Halloween mask everyone thought looked good on you. Think professional look.
  • Add links – Adding links to your online portfolio, blog, and other published works is important when you want the right employers to find you.
  • Complete your profile – You might think that this is not important but it is. You should accomplish everything in LinkedIn to increase your chances of attracting potential employers.

Building LinkedIn Profile with the Experts

Since you want to build the best LinkedIn profile, you should definitely consider hiring our LinkedIn profile development service. Why? Our experts know what it is employers are looking for from potential employees and with our years of experience creating smart profiles for our clients, we can build the best LinkedIn profile for you that will certainly impress anyone who sees it.