Compare Top 10 Most Popular WordPress LinkedIn Plugins

There are almost 437 WordPress Linkedin plugins available as of today. If you take time reading each of these plugins, you’ll need more than a week or more, to determine the best and most trusted WordPress Linkedin widget to use. As a Christmas gift for everyone, I have already sorted the top 10 most popular WordPress LinkedIn Plugins and would like to share it with you for your reference.

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1. WordPress Social Sharing Optimization (WPSSO)WordPress Social Sharing Optimization (WPSSO)

Out of 5 star rating, WordPress Social Sharing Optimization or WPSSO received 4.5 rating from its valued customers because of its effective and diligent way of introducing website contents on the web. People have seen improvements with their page ranking with the help of this Linkedin widget for WordPress that’s why this became one of the most popular plugins in 2014.

Whether your content was shared through pasting URL’s, browser extensions and add-ons or sharing buttons, WPSSO makes sure that your contents are presented perfectly on ay of social media platforms.

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2. NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster


NextScripts Social Networks AutoPoster

One of the most popular Linkedin WordPress plugin is the NextScripts. NextScripts automatically shares your website post to your linked social network accounts like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Flip board, LiveJournal, and more.

It publishes your blog post to these social networks automatically after you posted it on your website. The method is automated so you don’t need to manually share your updates. Through this Linkedin plugin for WordPress, NextScripts, you can maximize your reach and let your networks and connections be updated on your posts.

3. ShareaholicShareaholic

Increase your website traffics through this WordPress Linkedin plugin named Shareaholic. This Linkedin widget for WordPress works as a platform for monetization and amplification of contents. In fact, Shareaholic is considered as the most convenient and effective approach to expand your traffic, monetize, connect successfully with audiences, and free acquisition of information through content promotions, social network sharing, website monetization using social analytics and affiliate linking, and content recommendations. This strategy aids in the increase of your website traffics and reach.

4. WPSSO Social Sharing Buttons (WPSSO SSB)WPSSO Social Sharing Buttons WPSSO SSB

Using a short code, function, widget, CSS floating sidebar, bbPress, WooCommerce, and BuddyPress pages, you can put additional social sharing buttons to your website admin editing page, excerpts and contents through this WPSSO Social Sharing Buttons or WPSSO SSB plugin.

This works effectively with WordPress Social Sharing Optimization (WPPSO) Linkedin plugin for WordPress which extends additional settings pages and features, tabs and social sharing button options to your site. With the teamwork of both WPSSO SSB and WPPSO, it aggregates to an efficient, accurate and fast sharing of your contents to social media platforms.

5. Share Buttons by AddToAnyShare Buttons by AddToAny

Using your favorite social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn and more, you can now easily e-mail, bookmark and share your website posts and pages without the hassle. This made Share Buttons by AddToAny includes on the top 10 most popular WordPress Linkedin plugin of the year.

You can now improve your blog posts and website through social share icons and AddToAny’s customizable platform which will eventually create an active involvement of your site to social networks.

6. WP Maintenance ModeWP Maintenance Mode

With 4.3 star rating, WP Maintenance Mode Linkedin widget for website ranks up to the top 10 most popular WordPress plugin. This is very helpful plugin in informing your visitors that your website or blog is under maintenance. You can also use this WP Maintenance Mode if you are about to open a new blog. Your blog will be on a maintenance mode once you activated this Linkedin plugin WordPress.

Website admins can only access the page once WP Maintenance Mode is turned on. They only have the rights to enter and see the front end of the website. As the admin, you can customize a countdown timer or enter information for your visitor’s use.

7. Social Media FeatherSocial Media Feather

Complete your website by adding icons and buttons that will direct audiences to your social media network or allows visitors to follow your website. Social Media Feather is a very simple, easy, contemporary and convenient way of adding these share icons and follow buttons to your site without any difficulty and complicated technicalities.

This is a free Linkedin plugin for WordPress that quickly adds social following and sharing feature to the majority of your posts and pages. Installing Social Media Feather does not make use of JavaSrcipt so you are free from complicated procedures during the installation.

8. Simple Share Buttons AdderSimple Share Buttons Adder

Your posts or pages can be easily shared with Simple Share Buttons Adder WordPress Linkedin widget that allows you to add share buttons to your blog. Aside from customizing a share button on your blog posts and pages, you can also use your own uploaded image on your site if you want.

With a very manageable process of adding these buttons and sharing features, you can easily familiarize yourself with the procedure. And by adding these share features, you can actually reach more audiences that will eventually be converted as future traffics and sales.

9. Smart Website Tools by AddThisSmart Website Tools by AddThis

You can add effective tools to your website with this Smart Website Tools by AddThis. Previously known as the “Sharing Tool”, Smart Website Tools by AddThis allows you to add and customize your site by creating conversion tools and recommended contents. It also streamlines and evolve social tools suit, which consist of follow and share buttons.

10. Ultimate Social Media and Share IconsUltimate Social Media and Share Icons

This Linkedin widget for WordPress, Ultimate Social Media and Share Icons, helped your website reach more audiences and gain more traffics by adding social media icons on your site. You can customize the site and can access more than 200 social media networks for free. For an instance, add Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, interest and more on your blog and let people access each social media platform efficiently.

Aside from adding icons, you can also customize them depending our preference. You can animate each icon or make it sticky or float.

I have just shared with you the top 10 most popular and trusted WordPress LinkedIn Plugin. Choose the best plugin that fits your site and enjoy the unlimited increase in audience visit and gain of more traffics.

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