Create a LinkedIn Profile in 5 Simple Steps

A great LinkedIn profile is the first step towards landing your dream job. If you are a recent graduate or someone looking to refresh your LinkedIn profile, these five tips will help you create a LinkedIn profile that will standout for all the right reasons.

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1. Writing Your Profile

Your LinkedIn profile needs to be written in a style that is professional, positive and reflects your passion for your profession. If there is a certain type of language used within your industry include this in your profile. Also keep in mind if your profession is formal or informal, again this needs to be reflected in the way you write your profile. If you’re hoping to join a creative industry you need to spend even longer ensuring that your LinkedIn profile is original, innovative and reflects your creativity.

2. Essential Information

Your LinkedIn profile should contain all the essential information about your education, qualifications, skills and experiences. It essentially should enable you to create a resume from LinkedIn profile. This means that it should highlight any aspect of your career that you are particularly proud of or parts of your education that are relevant.

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3. Image

Image is important, and while you don’t have to look perfect you do need to come across as professional, positive and friendly in your LinkedIn profile image. It might sound obvious but the image you choose shouldn’t be one taken on vacation or out partying. Instead it needs to be professional, perhaps wearing a suit or at least in professional clothes. And remember to smile; no one wants to hire someone who looks miserable!

4. Skills and Endorsements

Listing your skills and getting people to endorse you is a good way of making it easy for prospective employers to quickly see if you have the experience and skills they are looking for. Even if you haven’t yet landed your first job, you will have gained skills during your education so list these. As your career develops your skill set with grow. Endorsements shows that other people agree you have the skills you say you have, they are sort of an informal reference.

5. Keep Refreshing

Once you’ve created a LinkedIn profile the work doesn’t end. You need to continue with your LinkedIn profile development as your career progresses. This means adding new skills as you gain them, connecting with people you meet within your industry, updating your qualifications and experience as you gain them. Update your image every year, as people don’t want to see an image of you and then meet an entirely different looking person. Also re-write your profile every so often, so that it reflects where you currently are in your career and not where you were three years ago.

Your LinkedIn profile will be a tool that stays with you throughout your career so don’t neglect it and instead ensure that you keep developing and refreshing it.