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Do you know that more than 80% of the call centers never keep higher qualification criteria for CSR jobs? It is because of the few major requirements of this job and nothing to do a lot with higher studies. Therefore, the high school pass-outs can easily get this job. However, the low chances of promotions and increment force people to leave this job earlier.

The review is written by our best LinkedIn profile writers and primarily based on LinkedIn’s All Star level of completion. A complete profile helps you be found by your future employers or clients. To reach All-Star status, the best LinkedIn profile should include:

  • Your industry and location
  • An up-to-date current position (with a description)
  • Two past positions
  • Your education
  • Your skills (minimum of 3)
  • A profile photo
  • At least 50 connections

Optimized Linkedin Profile - It`s

More Online Visibility

Improved Employment Opportunities

More Business Partners

Broader Clients Reach

Your profile picture and headline are two of the most important and most viewed elements of your profile. As LinkedIn as a professional social network, your profile picture should reflect the professional that you are. Instead of ‘unemployed at Seriously Searching’, consider updating your headline to give a short overview of your background relevant to the type of position you are seeking. One example includes ‘Experienced Customer Service Representative Seeking Position’.
Use your summary section to give an overview of your career, as well the types of positions you are seeking. Consider attaching your resume here as well. This will allow recruiters and future employers to get a full understanding of your background.
In your experience section,  you have ‘etc’ listed as one of your duties. This should be removed or replaced with the specific duties you performed.
LinkedIn allows space for up to 50 skills to be listed in your skills section. Make sure that the skills listed on your profile are related to your background and abilities. Skills most related to the types of positions you are seeking should be at the top of the list.
You currently have 2 connections. Adding connections, including friends, family, and former coworkers will increase your chances of your profile being viewed by companies that would be interested in hiring you.
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Tips & Tricks to Impress Employers by Your the Best LinkedIn Profile

If you’re fed up with trying hard to create an ideal LinkedIn profile, then these tips would be quite workable to force employers for hiring you.

linkedin profile review

  • Haven’t uploaded a personal photo on your profile (that should look professional as well)? Then, forget about garnering good opportunities.
  • It is a fact that more connections develop more chances (opportunities of work). Therefore, try to build more trusted contacts.
  • The job of CSR is all about good communication, handling queries by responding quickly and the ability of multitasking. Try to add all of these skills
  • Remember that you’re a professional. So, never use vague language along with the buzzwords i.e. effective, creative, responsible etc.
  • If you’ll create the profile in an identical way of developing a resume, then you can get 100% assurance of landing a good job.
  • The only difference that distinguishes LinkedIn profile with a resume is a use of the first person. For example, “I am a responsible CSR working since 5 years in this field”.
  • Anyone who reads your profile must find your tone personal. It should more of a conversational style.
  • The achievements are not something to hide especially on this platform. Share all of your professional yet other achievements.
  • Even if you are unemployed, it is suggested to include a current job entry. This is an important step that can’t be missed for sure.
  • Go more towards actions rather than just talking and talking. When it comes to showcasing personal work, a picture truly is worth 1000 words. It will be better to share multimedia PowerPoint presentation or other media files to share your work.

Never Avoid the Suggestions by Experts

The customer sales representative job is for people who’ve excellent communication skills along with good grasp on specified language. The experienced professionals share their experiences by suggesting to focus more on use of media to inspire employers. As discussed previously, the shared personal videos, photos or presentations would have more impact rather than what you’ve said. Always keep it in mind.

customer services representative best linkedin profile

Let’s Start the LinkedIn Profile Review in this Way

  1. Start with updating the photo if it is necessary.
  2. The summary section requires improvement at least once a month. Read out the info thoroughly and make changes (where required).
  3. Go to the section of ‘Connections’ and remove all the unnecessary contacts. Assessment of connections is important for sure.
  4. Add your link by clicking on ‘Save’ icon if you want to drive website’s traffic to a specific landing page.

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