How to Ask and Give Recommendations on LinkedIn

Getting clients and employers to write good recommendations on LinkedIn is the ideal way to improve your profile. A recommendation helps to provide evidence and the third-party agreement about the experience, skills and positive attributes you are saying about yourself.

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Yet despite being so important many people fail to get LinkedIn recommendations. One of the main reasons for this is because they don’t know how to go about asking for a recommendation on LinkedIn.

Reasons on Why You Will Get or not Get Recommendations

If an employer is happy with your work or a client is please with the service you have provided, they will more fine with writing you a recommendation. Sometimes it is just best to take a deep breath and simply ask for recommendation LinkedIn to be written. Often many people don’t even think about writing LinkedIn recommendations, but are more than happy to do so if asked.

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How to Ask a Recommendation?

A good way of asking a client for a recommendation is to approach them once the project is finished. Often once a project with a client is finished it is normal to send a follow-up email to ask them to keep you mind for future work, you could also ask them to write a LinkedIn recommendation. Tell them that you appreciate their time is busy and that it needn’t be long or take more than five minutes to write. You could also send an example of what you would like written to make it easier for them to write.

If you are asking an employer for a recommendation, it is the best to approach previous employers. When you’ve started you’re new job, simply drop your previous employer an email telling them that you enjoyed working at their company and thank them for the support they’ve provided during your time with them. At the same time you can also ask them to write you a recommendation, normally if you’ve left on good terms an employer will be more than happy to do this for you.

If this approach is not for you, however, you could instead write them a recommendation first. By taking the initiative and writing them a recommendation will make it a lot easier for you to ask for one in return. Our LinkedIn profile writers are always ready to assist with any writing for your profile.

How to Write a LinkedIn Recommendation

When writing a LinkedIn recommendation you should always keep it positive. Provide details about why they were a great client or employer to work for, giving examples of how they provided support. Why you should in no way lie, a recommendation is about highlighting all the positive areas of the employer’s or clients’ business, so that others will want to do business with them or work for them.

Once you’ve written your recommendation send it to them and ask for one in return.  Most people will be fine with taking five minutes in writing and sending you a great recommendation to add to your LinkedIn profile.