How to Check Who Viewed Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn profile views are more than cosmetic expressions of interest then you in your work. LinkedIn profile views, as a matter of fact, are now considered pretty reliable measures of actual business interest.

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If you’ve been wondering “who’s viewed my LinkedIn profile” recently, there are several ways to find out.

Before we start, there are a few things and issues you may need to factor in when checking out who’s been looking at your LinkedIn profile:

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  • The people who viewed your profile on LinkedIn may or may not have highly developed profiles themselves. They may also be simply looking for someone or specific things on your profile.
  • As you may remember when you started out on LinkedIn, browsing other people’s profiles was a good way of learning how to create your own profile.
  • Professional interest tends to come from people in areas closely related to your own line of work.
  • If someone shows up more than once looking at your profile, there is a clear level of interest. Other people may have simply searched a name or keyword and usually don’t come back.
  • Your access to “who’s viewed your LinkedIn profile” also depends on your LinkedIn account type. The LinkedIn Premium account is the best account for getting information regarding your profile viewers.

Information supplied by LinkedIn regarding profile views may vary in degrees of accuracy, too. If you have a viral particle on LinkedIn, you may find that your profile gets hundreds or thousands of hits, but LinkedIn send you an email saying you got 10 hits.

This is a statistical glitch; it’s not a big deal, but you are strongly advised to check current information on your article, rather than these slow-moving statistical emails. You can also check your profile directly. Even on a basic LinkedIn account, you will get a fairly accurate profile view count.

Figuring out what LinkedIn means with the stats it sends you

LinkedIn Profile ViewsLinkedIn often sends statistics to advise you of profile views information. This information varies in quality from up to date to definitely not up to date. The “your profile has been viewed X number of times of the last X days” information may also be slightly out. Don’t worry about this – It will catch up with the larger number of hits pretty quickly.

You do, however, need to use these stats as a prompt to check your actual number of profile views online. Your profile information will be more up to date than the emails.

Checking LinkedIn profile views

The first thing you’ll notice with your LinkedIn profile views is that there are breakdowns of profile views available in a few categories, types, and even job titles like “consultant”.

  • If you check Who’s Viewed Your Profile, you will get a lot of information and links to statistical breakdowns of those looking at your profile.
  • The other tab on this page, How You Rank for Profile Views, will give you an actual percentile for your profile in context with your position.

Why LinkedIn profile views are so important

LinkedIn profile views are now a sort of statistical currency in social media. More importantly still, these profile views also indicate the effectiveness of the performance of your materials on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn profile views do indicate the level of interest generated by your profile. An interesting profile will always get a certain number of hits, usually pretty consistently. A profile which is underperforming will get a few hits now and then.

The lesson to be learnt from your LinkedIn profile views is pretty simple:

  • If your LinkedIn profile isn’t getting views, you need to upgrade your profile and you need to be more active on LinkedIn.
  • If your LinkedIn profile is getting more views all of a sudden, it’s likely that a recent action or event triggered the interest. The best response to this new interest is to keep the ball rolling with similar related actions or events.

Keep an eye on your LinkedIn profile, because it will reward you with useful information every day. You’ll also find that the information can be quite surprising, and highly productive.

Another useful fact – Keeping an eye on your LinkedIn profile views also tells you a lot about which specific people are trying to connect with you. You do need to know.

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