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Résumés do come in handy when it comes to reaching out to potential employers but if you aim to get noticed among the millions of people who are offering their skills and expertise, building a professional Linkedin profile is a must. Ever since Linkedin came into being it’s easier to promote yourself not only to your own circle but also to a wider audience. If you want to take advantage of this tool, you should make it a point to learn how to write a good Linkedin profile on your own.

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How to Create a Good Linkedin Profile

  • Show your face. Linkedin is a social media tool which means you need to add an image of you only so others will see how professional you look.
  • Tell something about yourself. Add a summary of your background in your profile so others will know something about you.
  • Share your experiences. Include your educational and personal achievements.
  • Increase your credibility with the help of references. Get references from former co-workers, boss, and professors.
  • Gain exposure by association. It’s not a bad idea to join groups that are of the same interest as you.

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