How to Update Profile on LinkedIn to Make It Shine

Often we set up our LinkedIn profile, spending time making sure it represents where we are in our career, and then leave it for years. Not regularly updating your LinkedIn profile is perhaps just as bad as not having one at all.

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Why Update Your LinkedIn Profile?

A LinkedIn profile that hasn’t been updated for over a year shows potential employers that you’re not interested in your career and makes you look unprofessional. It can be easy when you’re in a job your happy in to let your LinkedIn profile slide, as you’ve no intention of looking for a new job. But you never know what is round the corner. You’re employer might suddenly lose clients and have to start making people redundant, or a new team member might join the business that you just don’t get along with and turning a once happy working environment into a nightmare.

If, on the other hand, you’re currently out of work and looking for a job your LinkedIn profile is more important than ever. It will be one of the first places a potential employer will look at to find out more about you. Even if you’ve been unemployed for a long period of time there are still ways of updating your LinkedIn profile. Below are some simple tips on how to update profile on Linkedin.

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How to Update Profile on LinkedIn

Updating your profile on LinkedIn doesn’t mean re-writing your entire profile; instead it is about building on the information that is already there.

You should add any new skills or experiences you have gained recently, including any extra projects you taken on at work. If you’ve been unemployed you can include any training courses you have completed or any volunteering work you have done. Look at what you’ve already written and see if there are areas that you can build upon. If, for example, the last time you updated your profile you just started a new job now is the time to write about what experience and skills you’ve gained in your job.

Once you’ve updated the information already there, you should start thinking about what you can add to improve the page. If you’ve haven’t yet written a summary start writing one now. Also look at following industry respected groups, as these will help you to connect with more people within your professional while also making you come across as someone with a genuine interest and enthusiasm for your work.

If you’ve not yet got any recommendations on your page you should also start looking at getting some. Approach clients who you have a particular good relationship with, and ask them to write you a recommendation.

Another thing many people overlook is their image. If you’re photo is a few years out of date, update it now.

Professional LinkedIn Profile Help

If you’re still unsure about how to update profile on LinkedIn consider getting professional advice and help. You might have already done a lot of the basics, but are unhappy with how you’ve written your summary or feel that there is just something missing from your profile. If this is the case a professional will be able to provide you expert guidance on how to improve your LinkedIn profile further.