Improve LinkedIn Profile and Get Your Perfect Job

LinkedIn has been used by jobseekers for years now in the hopes of landing their dream job. Companies are also turning to this social media site to look for potential employees whose background and skills fit well with their expansion plans. As a job seeker, just imagine the amount of opportunities waiting for you when you decide to create a profile in LinkedIn. It’s good that LinkedIn has already set up a template for an online resume but the problem is that many are not really sure on how to build a professional profile. How then can you improve LinkedIn profile?

Tips to Improve LinkedIn Profile

As with any existing resume, you always need to update it every time you acquire a new skill, move to another job, and so on. The same thing should be applied to your LinkedIn profile to ensure that all the information you’ve included in your online resume are accurate. So how can you optimize LinkedIn profile?

  • Check your headline. Most profiles in LinkedIn don’t have an outstanding headline that will make them stand out. It is always a good idea to build an eye-catching headline that will pique the interest of your readers for them to linger longer in your profile.
  • Update your profile picture. Again, there are dozens of profiles out there that lack a professional photo to go along with their online resume. This is one of the reasons why you don’t generate enough interest from possible employers. It is time that you get a professional photo of you taken and use it to put a face to your name in your LinkedIn profile.
  • Use keywords. Since this is an online resume which is posted in the internet, you need to make sure that your profile is searchable. Use relevant keywords in your headlines and content of your LinkedIn profile to increase your chances of being found by the right people.
  • Add media. If you have links, photos, PDFs, audio recordings, and videos that are related to your work, you can also add them to your LinkedIn profile. These will help others see how you work.
  • Filter endorsements. As much as you would like to add all the endorsements given to you to your profile, sometimes you need to remove those that aren’t related to your skills or niche. This will certainly help your profile in the long run.

What to Avoid When You Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

improve linkedin profile

If you look at existing profiles in LinkedIn, you will find that there are some profiles that look better than others. Our experts have looked at various profiles in LinkedIn and have found numerous errors that are best avoided. For starters, when choosing a profile photo, make sure that you are the only one who is in it. Keep your photo as professional as possible. After all, this is an online resume so you need to get a good shot of your face. Another mistake that you shouldn’t repeat is using the generic connection request. It is better that you personalize your message so that there is a better chance of your request being approved. If you are updating your profile because you want to look for another job while still employed, don’t forget to check the privacy settings. Many have made the mistake of not checking their privacy which allowed their bosses to see their activities.

Expert Writers

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