How to Upload a Resume to LinkedIn?

John, USA

Hello! I would like to know how to add a resume to my LinkedIn profile? Is there any way I could upload my resume to LinkedIn right away?

Answers James, Senior LinkedIn Profile Expert

It’s easy to upload a resume to LinkedIn, but you need to be a little careful of information quality and currency. To upload your resume,

  • Hit Edit under your profile link. You’ll see a down arrow, hit Import Resume.
  • Click Choose file or Browse, and then Upload Resume.
  • A page will open where you can check the information uploaded.

Pretty simple, isn’t it? The problems start with the resume content. Bear in mind that your resume content will be read in conjunction with your LinkedIn profile. One of the most common problems is that people will upload resumes which are either out of date or out of synchronize with the information contained on the LinkedIn profile. Some information may be out of whack with more current information, too, which really doesn’t read well. The best option is to cross check, and make sure that your present position, for example, is in line with your LinkedIn profile header. Another typical problem is that old information remains on the resume. If information is more than five years old, or doesn’t relate to current work, it may be worth deleting this information from your uploaded resume. Best practice is to ensure that the information you provide is as relevant as possible to your current skill sets and experience. In some cases experience does have high value, but in practice there is a sunset clause on older information. Simply edit your resume accordingly.

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