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Whether you are just getting started with LinkedIn or you are a veteran user there is no doubt that you have LinkedIn questions. At we make it our business to respond to questions that our clients ask. We want you to become as informed as possible so that you understand how LinkedIn works and how you can make it work for you.

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Frequently asked LinkedIn questions:

1. What is a LinkedIn public profile?

Your LinkedIn public profile is essentially your resume. There are five sections to the profile and you have the option to include as much information as you want. The main part of your LinkedIn profile deals with your background. It is here you highlight your accomplishments and special skills that you bring to your job.

2. Do I have to include a LinkedIn profile picture?

This is perhaps the most frequently asked of all LinkedIn questions. Whether you add a LinkedIn profile picture or not is completely up to you. However if you want to be seen as an expert or for your profile to have any credibility, then it would be a wise choice to make sure you include a photo.

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3. Will I learn the process of creating a LinkedIn group through the training from

Yes we do teach you the process of creating a LinkedIn group. This is an important part of connecting with others in your profession or with your customers.

4. Can I create a LinkedIn company profile?

Just as you can create an individual profile you can also create a LinkedIn company profile. We will teach you how to do this in the training that we provide.

It really depends on your interests and needs whether we make recommendations for pages for you to check out on LinkedIn. For example if there is a business similar to yours on the site and we recommend that you make changes to acquire more visibility we may tell you to have a look at this LinkedIn company profile to illustrate what we mean.

If you have LinkedIn questions the best place to get the answers you need is from