Mistakes to Avoid When You Are Writing a Good Linkedin Profile

Regardless of whether you are a college student looking for job experience or an established professional, using LinkedIn and staying active in it can actually be beneficial to you in the long run. LinkedIn is a social media tool that allows people to build a resume online that people can access easily. Unfortunately, writing a good LinkedIn profile escapes a lot of users which is one of the reasons why hiring an expert profile writer is worth considering. The good news is that you don’t have to look far for one because this is what our write my LinkedIn profile service is all about. We guarantee that you will be impressed with the outcome of your profile once we are through with it.

Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Good LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has already provided its users with a template to fill out to create an online profile but many fail to realize that there is more to answering the fields available when optimizing one’s profile. As a matter of fact, LinkedIn users often make mistakes with their profiles which affect their visibility and their engagement to other users. What are the most common mistakes people do with their profiles and how can you avoid them?

  • No profile picture. Leaving this field empty is actually a huge mistake since this is an online resume that you are working on. Of course, if you’re going to add a photo, don’t choose a photo where you are with your family, your sweetheart, or even your pet. Go for a professional shot with your face open and smiling to make you more engaging to your viewers.
  • Thinking LinkedIn is like Facebook. Just because LinkedIn is a social media site it doesn’t mean that you should post everything that you do like in Facebook. If you do decide to post something make sure that it is relevant and informative and one that will highlight your knowledge in your field.
  • Inconsistent. It is important that your LinkedIn profile and your professional resume should have the same content. Make sure that you get your facts straight because this can be confusing to your readers.
  • Wrong use of blogging platform in LinkedIn. A lot of LinkedIn users use the blogging platform in this site as a way to promote their work or their services which is actually frowned upon in the community. Keep in mind that the blogging platform is best used in airing out thoughts that can help you develop to be a thought leader or an expert in your own niche.
  • Not using appropriate keywords. Another common mistake that users do in LinkedIn is not using any keywords in their profile. This needs to be corrected and fast because it will help make your profile more visible and searchable to prospective clients.

Writing a Great LinkedIn Profile with the Pros

writing a good linkedin profile

Is your LinkedIn profile needs more work? You are not the only one who is thinking of improving their profile now that you have an idea on the possible mistakes that you have made with your first profile. The good thing about LinkedIn is that you can update your profile anytime you want but take this opportunity to hire our writing team so you will get the best results. What our writers can do for you is to review your existing profile, double check your entries, and from there, make the necessary revisions to make your profile more interesting. We have been developing profiles for LinkedIn for years now and we know exactly how to develop yours for it to stand out. All that you have to do is place an order with us, pay the fee, and wait for us to provide you with a draft of your profile for your approval.

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Writing a good LinkedIn profile is possible if you know which service to hire. With our LinkedIn help, we guarantee that your profile will get noticed immediately by your target audience.

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