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LinkedIn is a social platform that does more than put your resume out to the world when you are looking for a job. LinkedIn for business services is an awesome way to market your company, connect with other businesses and grow your customer base. In essence, with LinkedIn, business owners can realize higher sales and therefore more profit.  At we have the trainers and the courses that will teach you what you need to know about using LinkedIn for business purposes.

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Getting started with LinkedIn for business

The first thing you need to know about LinkedIn for business is that you must set up a company page. You don’t have to pay for a LinkedIn business account because the page is part of your personal profile. Create an account using your email address and then go to the section where you can create your company page. If you are not sure of what how to create a page, take a look at one or more business pages on the site to get an idea of what a LinkedIn business model would look like. Our trainers can offer you valuable advice in this regard and save you the time it takes for you to do this.

How to set up a company page for LinkedIn for business

  1. Provide details about your company such as your location to set the keywords for the profile.
  2. The overview page is where you will write everything you want viewers to know about your business. It doesn’t matter how large or small your company is or if you work from home. LinkedIn for small business is very important in marketing.
  3. If you have any positions open you can list them under the Careers section.
  4. The products and services page is very important in LinkedIn for business development. Here you can insert photos of products as well as descriptions.
  5. Allow users on LinkedIn to follow your company so that they will receive any updates you post.

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The process of creating a company page is not difficult but makes it so much easier. We can help with any type of business development, LinkedIn resources and can help you develop LinkedIn business plans for your marketing.

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