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It is not good enough just to have a profile posted on LinkedIn. The profile must stand out in order for you to be noticed by the right people. This is where a LinkedIn makeover enters the picture. We specialize in remaking profiles for clients who already have a presence on this social network. has the experts to help you improve LinkedIn profile writing so that your information and resume rises to the top.

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Reasons for a LinkedIn makeover

You have a profile posted on the site but you are not getting the response that you hoped for. This leads you to conclude that you haven’t done everything in the proper way and that you need the assistance of an expert. At we know everything there is to know about profiles on LinkedIn. Improve my profile is a very common request from clients and that is what we do.

What we do for a LinkedIn makeover

The consultant we assign to work with you will go over the profile that you already have visible on the site. This is the first step to take in a LinkedIn makeover. Together we will identify weaknesses in the profile where it is not doing what you originally intended it to do for you.

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Before we start the LinkedIn profile edit though, it is important for your trainer to have an idea of how you hope to benefit from this profile. We will discuss your goals because these are the key element in all LinkedIn makeovers. The rest of the process includes:

  1. A LinkedIn profile edit in which we make any corrections needed and eliminate redundant words and phrases.
  2. Keyword research to find the best words to use in the profile to draw attention from the Internet to your profile.
  3. A look at the various sections of your profile to see where changes can be made to make the writing stronger.

The aim of a LinkedIn makeover is always to make LinkedIn profiles the best they possibly can be.

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