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If you are not skilled in writing for online sources and search engines then you should get assistance from an expert LinkedIn writing service. In order for your profile on LinkedIn to reach the attention of those you want it to reach you have to engage in ensuring that you include the proper keywords in your writing. This is where we at can provide valuable advice and tips to help you get noticed in the way that you deserve.

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Keyword research as part of our LinkedIn writing service

What is keyword research? This is the first question we receive from clients who come to Keywords are the main words that you want search engines to find in your LinkedIn profile writing. There are different types of keywords – those that are searched often and for which there is a lot of sites available and those that are searched often with very few results. The latter is what you need when writing a LinkedIn profile.

How we help you with a LinkedIn writing service

We provide you with a LinkedIn expert and you have direct communication with this person. The first thing is to discuss your goals and if you have a profile on the site, the expert will review it for you. LinkedIn writing is not as difficult as you may think and you will realize this after you have completed the training through

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The process that we follow to provide clients with the best LinkedIn writing service is:

  1. We make notes of your accomplishments and skills
  2. We then search a keyword database, such as Google Keywords, using words and phrases from this list
  3. We scour the tables to find words and phrases that will help your LinkedIn profile writing stand out.
  4. Then we go through your profile placing these keywords in a strategic manner so that the writing doesn’t seem to be contrived in any way
  5. The key is to be clear and concise and to make sure you include the keywords that search engines want to see

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