Professional LinkedIn Profile Writer Advises Most Common LinkedIn Mistakes

It used to be that LinkedIn was a social network you could afford to do without but with employers and recruiters relying on social media to find information about current and potential employees this is no longer the case. But, before you jump in and start writing your heart out you will want to read through our quick guide to be sure that you avoid the most common mistakes made by people who do not obtain the guide of a professional LinkedIn profile writers and believe that the social network is nothing more than an extension of their paper resume.

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Proofread Once and Then Do It Again

Nothing is worse than typos and grammatical errors whether you’re talking about a resume or your LinkedIn profile. It is understandable that you may just want to get something up there, especially if you’re not a professional LinkedIn profile writer, but take the time to read and the read your profile again for errors. In short, be just as careful as you would with spelling and grammar on your LinkedIn profile as you would in a paper resume.

Include a Picture in Your Profile

Adding a photo to your profile makes a world of difference to headhunters. Study after study shows that profiles with pictures get more clicks and generate more interest than those without them. Perhaps it’s due to human nature but the same studies have found that recruiters actually spend more time studying a person’s photo than they do actually inspecting a person’s relevant skills and experience. When a photo is absent people tend to assume that a person is unattractive and undesirable.

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Create an Engaging Title

Any professional LinkedIn editor can tell you that one of the most important yet most commonly unedited aspects of a person’s LinkedIn profile is their title or sub-header. You don’t have to be a pro LinkedIn profile writer to understand why this is important. You see, LinkedIn uses your most recent job or position as your default headline. In most cases this is not a very interesting or catchy title so, if you’re looking to attract attention and get hired you will want to edit this. Make sure recruiters know you’re looking for work by shying away from vague and outdated sub-headers.

Create a Unique LinkedIn URL

When you customize your LinkedIn URL you are sending a message to anyone you contact that you care about how you present yourself. Rather than leaving the default settings generated by LinkedIn which look like alphabet soup with a side of numbers thrown in, try to get the custom URL to resemble your name as closely as possible. Also, avoid cute nicknames or other non-professional monikers.

Fill Out Your Summary

Yes, it is time consuming but fill out your summary. This is the place where you or LinkedIn writer can include relevant keywords that recruiters use to find you. If you want to pop-up in search results this is an absolute must.

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