Secrets of Writing a LinkedIn Summary

A LinkedIn summary is one of the most important parts of your LinkedIn profile. It is your chance to tell potential employers and clients about yourself and why they should hire you. Too many people neglect to spend time on writing a LinkedIn summary, or even write one at all, which just reduces the quality of their profile.

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Saying this, a LinkedIn summary is not easy to write. While being professional it also needs to convey your personality, a difficult balancing act to get right. For this reason many people hire a professional LinkedIn writer to ensure their summary is well written and stands out from the masses of other LinkedIn summaries potential employers will read.

For reasons of money, however, this option is not available to everyone. If you cannot afford a professional to write LinkedIn summary then here are some secrets to help you write a great LinkedIn summary.

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Tell a Story

Great LinkedIn summaries are ones that tell a story. If you’ve wanted to work in your profession since you were a child write about it. Say where and when you first knew you wanted a career in this industry and how you got there. On the other hand, if you initially wanted a completely different career but found yourself in your current profession, write what happened and about the unexpected nature of your fate.

Positive and Professional

Your LinkedIn summary should always be positive and professional. This is a chance to make the best parts of your personality stand out so highlight all your good attributes. How have past employers or colleagues described you? Being positive is essential. Employers and clients want to work with people who are motivated and energetic so you need to come across this way. Our LinkedIn writers will do this job perfectly.

Experience and Qualifications

Your personal statement is the ideal place to highlight aspects of your career that you’re most proud of. If there is a successful project you oversaw, talk about it. Or if one of your ideas for improving a company’s business has been successfully implemented, again tell everyone. It is also the place to highlight any qualifications you have and courses you have completed that are relevant to your profession.


Although you should never copy someone else’s LinkedIn summary, researching what others in your profession write is a great way of dictating the tone and language you use. If you’re in a creative industry, for example, you will probably find that most people’s personal statements are original, informal and friendly. If, however, you are in law then most people will likely be serious and evoke a sense of authority, focus and commitment. This is one of the numerous services for LinkedIn profile development.


Once you’ve written your personal statement leave it for 24 hours then go back to it and edit it. 24 hours usually is enough time for you to look at the statement with fresh eyes and make any changes that help improve it. Also looking at your statement with fresh eyes helps you to spot any typos or spelling and grammar errors that might have crept in.