Top Powerful Tips for Writing a LinkedIn Profile

Writing a LinkedIn profile is relatively easy because there is a template for you to follow. However, just like when you are building your resume so that your application will stand out, the same rule applies to creating your profile in this social media site. One reason behind this is that this is an online resume which means that you need to put your best foot forward. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways for you to build that killer profile on LinkedIn and our experts can help you build the best one in no time.

Tips to Writing a LinkedIn Profile

Writing LinkedIn profile needs to be done if you want to boost your chances of landing that dream job you have in mind not to mention make connections that can help you get noticed in the business industry. Of course, without paying much attention on how you build your profile, you won’t be able to make any waves in social media. Here are some tips that can make your LinkedIn profile from boring to awesome in no time.

  1. Elaborate. Unlike resumes where you can’t just put any information, in LinkedIn, you have more leeway in adding details to your profile. This can be the odd jobs that you worked on, college coursework, and so on as long as they are relevant to your current area of expertise.
  2. Build a better multimedia profile. Using LinkedIn’s profile template is all well and good but not when you want to stand out among the crowd. Take your time in studying how to use the Professional Portfolio feature of LinkedIn so you can add presentations, PDFs, photos, videos, links, and others so your visitors can gain an idea on the kind of work that you do.
  3. Start connecting. What’s great about LinkedIn is that you are allowed to connect with other people who are in the same industry as you. Of course, when you want to connect with someone, don’t just send a generic message but go the distance and make it personalized. This way, the other party will be more interested to accept your request.
  4. Endorse others and give recommendations. When applying for a job, you always include letters of reference in your application to give potential employers insight on how others perceive your work ethics. The same thing can be done in LinkedIn. You can give your recommendations on a person in LinkedIn and endorse them as well so others can use it to decide whether they are worth hiring or not. Those who you endorse will most likely do the same to you which is a win-win situation.
  5. Keep your profile organized. Yes, LinkedIn does have a lot of fields for you to fill out which can actually make your profile grow bigger. Keep in mind that a person’s attention span when browsing pages is limited so make your profile scannable rather than tedious to read.

Do You Need Help Writing LinkedIn Profile?

writing a linkedin profile

It’s not surprising that you will be asking for LinkedIn profile help when building your profile especially when you want to leave the best impression to your visitors. Some would say that creating profiles in this social media site is easy but not when your goal is to stand out. Fortunately, we can help you with your LinkedIn profile so that you can leave a good impression. Our profile builders are quite adept in using this site which means you can rest easy knowing that yours will be handled by professionals. All that you have to do is place an order with us and we’ll get to work.

Exceptional Profile in LinkedIn

Writing a LinkedIn profile can be challenging for some especially when you’re aiming for a professional look. Luckily, our professional LinkedIn profile writing service is just a click away where you can get to team up with reliable writers who can develop your profile for it to stand out. For sure, your LinkedIn profile will be viewed regularly and you’ll be receiving requests for connections in no time once we are done with it.

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