Top Skills to Watch on LinkedIn for 2015

LinkedIn skillsLinkedIn is generally accepted as a working measure of a lot of employment, business, and job market trends, and it’s always worth watching the LinkedIn surveys when they happen. The 2014 survey was pretty interesting by any standards. The top 25 skills for LinkedIn were:

1. Statistical Analysis and Data Mining
2. Middleware and Integration Software
3. Storage Systems and Management
4. Network and Information Security
5. SEO/SEM Marketing
6. Business Intelligence
7. Mobile Development
8. Web Architecture and Development Framework
9. Algorithm Design
10. Perl/Python/Ruby
11. Data Engineering and Data Warehousing
12. Marketing Campaign Management
13. Mac, Linux and Unix Systems
14. User Interface Design
15. Recruiting
16. Digital and Online Marketing
17. Computer Graphics and Animation
18. Economics
19. Java Development
20. Channel Marketing
21. SAP ERP Systems
22. Integrated Circuit (IC) Design
23. Shell Scripting Languages
24. Game Development
25. Virtualization


Think about this list for a few seconds. Of all the major skills, the only “traditional” skills on this list are Economics and Recruiting. There’s no sign of major high capital skills like Business or Financial Management.

“Business intelligence” is the very high value business skill, and not really all that surprisingly, it’s a skill hardwired in to modern business with other top areas like Statistical Analysis SEO/SEM and other types of marketing.

This is a revolution in progress, reinventing the core skill sets which drive real business. It may be that even the formerly unassailable sector, management, is redefining itself. That could well be the case, as systems take over the hair-tearing-out part of management skills and business building/creative innovation gets more space to breathe.

Also interesting- The job market is itself is now well and truly built in to the mix. Recruiting is the high efficiency option in the market, getting more leverage as the advantages to employers and employees become even more efficient.

Very obvious, however, and likely to continue for some time are the many technical skills ranking very highly on the LinkedIn profiles skill sets. While the “secondary” skills like analysis are obviously drivers, the heavy machinery of development, design and systems are also very much in evidence.

These are Cloud sector skills, too, and they’re likely to become the core skills for future business global environments soon enough. It’s not at all hard to visualize the LinkedIn skills for 2040 as a huge spectrum of similar but much more advanced tech-based skills, attached to more highly evolved business skills.

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LinkedIn skills 2015

The new LinkedIn top skills 2015 are going to be very interesting. There’s no doubt that in the US, the tide is coming in for more development of the LinkedIn  top 25 skills of 2014. What’s going to be interesting is to see how these skills evolve and the directions the high-innovation skills take.

If you’re looking for clues to career options, career moves, or mega trends, keep an eye on LinkedIn. You’ll find the surveys are a pretty accurate reflection of the LinkedIn user base dynamic, too, and that LinkedIn never gets dull.

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