Who Needs a LinkedIn Profile?

Using Keyword Planner and other similar tools, it was somewhat easy to find out how large the search volume for LinkedIn profile information was in different parts of the world. It’s notable that worldwide the service is growing. In fact, trends are starting to turn away from so-called traditional methods of social networking and instead turning to these employer certified types of profile sites. That should increase the search volume quite quickly.

LinkedIn Profile Saw 18,100,000 Searches in the World

Having trended for some time it’s now clear that the number of LinkedIn profiles worldwide is growing. Along with them, the search engine demand for related keywords is growing. This is a predictable result, and it should continue to grow for some years to come.


LinkedIn Profile Received 5,400,000 in the USA

American job hunters are maintaining profiles on the site at a huge rate, and this might make sense because of American employment regulations. More employers in the US are actually using the site to find temporary and freelance talent, and that’s prompted even more people to flock to the site.

LinkedIn Profile Got 5,400,000 Searches in Australia

A majority of Australian users are using the site in the same manner that their American counterparts are using it. That’s helped to ensure that the site is growing there too. In fact, Australia is now on par with the United States in terms of search engine volume. Some experts say that Australian job seekers will jump to the site in even bigger numbers in the near future. 

LinkedIn Profile Got 1,900,000 Searches in the UK

British job market regulations are a good deal different from Australia and the US as a result of differing opinions on the labor market in that country. Nevertheless, professionals in the UK have made up for whatever lack of temporary employees might have resulted from these rules. Increasing numbers of students are turning to the site as well.

LinkedIn Profile Received 590,000 Searches in India

Many LinkedIn users in India are working to ensure that their profiles are correctly filled out in English, and this reflects the fact that they’re very often used to contract work with agencies in foreign countries. In fact, some Indian employees consider their profile to be an important linchpin in the international business system.

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LinkedIn Profile Received 480,000 in Canada

Canadians have turned to the site more frequently in the last few months, even though it seems to have taken them a bit longer compared to some other nations. This number is expected to jump so more searchers than ever should be looking for LinkedIn profiles in Canada.

LinkedIn Profile Got 140,000 in the Netherlands

More users in the European Union are starting to turn to LinkedIn when they’re filing job-hunting paperwork online. The Netherlands has quickly become the top continental European country in terms of the number of people searching for profiles from it.

LinkedIn Profile Saw 90,000 Searches in Spain

With a respectable number of searches originating from Spain, this once again proves just how popular the site is becoming in European economies. European labor markets are quickly adapting to the new model provided by LinkedIn, and that’s reflected in the increasing number of searches from that continent.

LinkedIn Profile Received 90,000 Searches in Germany

Now that it’s on par with Spain in terms of search volume, Germany is seen as a top user of LinkedIn. German computer users were quick to adapt to online auction sites, and it now looks like the same thing is happening with profile sites as well.

LinkedIn Profile Got 70,000 Searches in the UAE

As a fast growing Middle Eastern economy, the United Arab Emirates is becoming a fast growing user of LinkedIn as well. Increasingly large numbers of foreign workers are moving to the affluent nation, and they find that the site is particularly useful. Local workers are now flocking to it as well.