Your LinkedIn Update in 2014

Whether you’re looking for a job or just keen to keep your LinkedIn profile as up-to-date as possible, if you haven’t yet reviewed your LinkedIn profile this year, now is the time to do so.  By ensuring that you optimize LinkedIn profile annually will help it to stay relevant. It will have a huge impact on your career and it will help you to make new connections and to network easier. As well as this, it will put you in a more favorable light with potential employers and clients.

Optimized Linkedin Profile - It`s

More Online Visibility

Improved Employment Opportunities

More Business Partners

Broader Clients Reach

If, on the other hand, you don’t regularly update your LinkedIn profile it will make you look unprofessional, inefficient and essentially that you don’t care about your career.

A LinkedIn update give you the chance to look afresh at your profile and see if there are any ways of improving how you come across to potential employers and clients. Even if you’re not currently job-hunting, you never know what opportunities might present themselves from ensuring you update LinkedIn regularly.

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Drop the Buzzwords

One way of updating your LinkedIn profile is to take out any over used buzzwords. Look at practically anyone’s LinkedIn profile and they will be stuff full of words like ‘responsible’, ‘creative’ and ‘energetic’. Not only are these tired phrases, every employer expects their employees to be responsible, creative and energetic. Our LinkedIn profile writer can help you with everything connected to your needs. Instead come up with words that really portray what you are like professionally and which are individual to you.

Improve Your Profile Summary

Many people neglect to concentrate on their profile summary, or even don’t write one at all. While it might seem like a hassle to spend a lot of time on a profile summary it is well worth the effort. A profile summary is one of the few ways of making yourself stand out on LinkedIn, plus it is the perfect place to let employers and clients know a bit more about your personality and what motivates you. You can choose our LinkedIn profile writing service for any of your LinkedIn needs.

Optimize LinkedIn Profile

Updating your LinkedIn profile isn’t just about refreshing the content already there but also about thinking of ways to optimize your LinkedIn profile. Join groups that are specific to your industry will help you connect with more professionals relevant to your career. Plus try and get recommendations from employers and clients. Also spend time on making new connections and networking, as, after all, this is one of the main purposes of having a LinkedIn profile.

Update Your Image

Having an up-to-date profile image might not seem important but people do like to have a good idea of what you look like. Potential employers and clients like to feel that they can trust the person they are dealing with, even if they’ve never met them. That’s why if you have a profile image that is ten years out of date and they meet you in person, an initial distrust will have been created as they will have felt you’ve misrepresented yourself on your profile.