7 Days to Improve Linkedin Profile, Bring It to the Top and Get a Swamped by Job Offers

Do you often envision yourself as a brilliant professional with sharp deal grasp and impeccable skills? Are you dreaming about fast-paced and modern work environment, or tired of living from paycheck to paycheck? The odds that your dream job will find you one day are extremely small. The good news is that you now have a short but meaningful guide on how to improve Linkedin profile making your candidature attractive in headhunter’s eyes.

According to statistics, only 51% of LinkedIn profiles are filled to 100%, that’s very dangerous because the less information you include and the less time you invest into your profile, the lower the efficiency of it you will get in the end.

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Esily Done Than Told or Where Does Linkedin Profile Optimization Start?

Geographical reach of Linkedin currently involves 200 countries and territories so that remote work of the big corporation or free working schedule is absolutely real aim if you follow the right profile optimization algorithm and expand the networking.

LinkedIn profile effectiveness (strength) is an indicator that should include enough information about your professional qualities to establish new business contacts, called networking. The effectiveness icon is located in the right part of the profile and is measured “beginner” to the “pro” level. It is feasible task to optimize your LinkedIn profile so that in one week your level will jump up to pro, meaning your CV gets rock-star popular.

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linkedin basic infoBasic info. The more info will be included the highest chances you won’t go unnoticed, therefore for maximum efficiency you need to install the photo in the basic info field, indicating:

  • Your name
  • A photo (adding a professional photo to your profile makes you 14 times more likely to be found on Linkedin)
  • Sphere of activity and place of residence
  • Current position (description)
  • Two previous places of work
  • Information on education

The most important element on this block and on the whole page is professional title, the maximum length for this one is 120 characters. Be brief, but creative. Professional title, as well as the job description can be optimized for search engines. But be attentive and don’t over-stuff, two or three relevant keywords is enough.

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Advice from Jean L. Serio Nationally recognized LinkedIn, Social Content and Branding Strategist:

Keywords are the top way people discover you on LinkedIn. Simply put, LinkedIn is a search engine.  It searches to find people whose skills and expertise match the words typed into the search box at the top of a Profile Page. 

Improve Linkedin Profile to Start Networking

linkedin networkingIn the resume you need to reflect your skills and abilities, the most important ones for a particular profession to attract the professionals that will make your network.

Your Linkedin resume will include 3 main blocks: experience, education and skills the aim of which is to show your professional competence.


In this section briefly (maximum – 2 000 characters) describe the career achievements you are proud of and set your business ambitions. Plagiarism is the worst you could do in this section, says Says Mike O’Neil, Keynote Speaker, Author, LinkedIn Trainer:

Copying/pasting from a resume, statistics and all, this makes you look like someone that takes shortcuts and is publicly or privately looking for a (new) job. On the flip side, your summary is more like a cover letter and that’s a good place to start for your wording. It’s always in the first person, everywhere. 

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68% of LinkedIn participantslinkedin experience section use profiles for networking with former business partners. Be precise in the description of past and ongoing projects. Be sure to specify there position (up to 100 characters), company name and the period of work. Instead of writing “I’m an excellent dealer” show the awards numbers reflecting your effectiveness. Media content wil also add several points to your CV, if there’s a chance always include: presentations, videos, podcasts, blogs, publications, citations and other materials. Keep in ming 66% of companies are hiring employees, based on their past projects.

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linkedin education sectionThis unit is the most important for those on the start of careers. Some HR-specialists are seeking for certain universities graduates.

Profiles containing education info are getting browsed 7 more often. Be sure to include the name of the university (up to 100 characters), the years of training and description (maximum – 1000 characters) where you can describe how good you were at studying, this kind of information is capable to improve linkedin profile drastically.

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One of the Biggest mistakes for young specialist according to Mike O’Neil Keynote Speaker, Author, LinkedIn Trainer is:

Not getting any training or education, just figuring it out on your own, there are tons of places to get self-educated and most are free. Try YouTube for starters. 

Optimized Linkedin Profile - It`s

More Online Visibility

Improved Employment Opportunities

More Business Partners

Broader Clients Reach

Additional information

linkedin additional informationAdditional info block contains information about your interests and skills. It is important to write here all your skills and interests because even seemingly irrelevant hobby can be a great plus, critical in situations when it is hard to choose between two candidates with same skills and background.

Advice from Viveka (Vivica) von Rosen, LinkedIn Expert & Author:

These are the people that are most likely to share any news, product releases, webinars, blog posts, or updates that you want to share. Make them your influencer’s list – and let them know whenever you have big news that you want to get out there.

linkedIn profile interests field

“Being on Linkedin” Versus “Using LinkedIn” or Making a Network

If you use LinkedIn as a CV repository nothing good is gonna happen with you, the main idea of linkedIn is to connect with others. Use LinkedIn actively to find allies, customers and relevant business information.

Jean L. Serio, Nationally recognized LinkedIn, Social Content and Branding Strategist suggests:

LinkedIn suggests 500 connections is the optimal number members should have. Less than 500 suggests you aren’t actively involved in networking on LinkedIn. If you aren’t active, you won’t be recommending, endorsing or joint venturing with anyone else, or few. That said, active networkers will avoid connecting with you.

Other 6 Tricks on How to Optimize Linkedin Profile Experts Talks About:

  • Create posts on LinkedIn. This is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your professional skills and present yourself as a leader.
  • The best time for LinkedIn posting is Tuesday and Thursday, between 7 and 9 am.
  • Do not write on LinkedIn that would not say aloud in the interview.
  • LinkedIn can be integrated with Evernote so that your business cards, resumes and notes can be stored in one place.
  • Users who regularly update their profiles on LinkedIn, receive cooperation offers more often.
  • Install a LinkedIn button in your blog or on your website so that your subscribers could share your publications in their LinkedIn-profiles.

Conclusion: LinkedIn Really Works!

If you’re facing difficulties in finding a job or attracting the interest of business partners get to your LinkedIn profile optimization right now and make sure you give just enough time to keep it fresh and updated.

Here’s what Brynne (Gordon) Tillman, Linkedin optimization expert says:

Have a plan. It is so easy to get lost in LinkedIn, quickly loose focus and gobs of time. Make sure you know what you want to achieve from your LinkedIn efforts, have your messaging templates pre-written and your activities that you would like to do on a daily basis!

Don’t know how to improve LinkedIn profile in just a few days? Leave this task to professionals!