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Why are improvements necessary? Many people create their own profile, and they do it in a way that will not take them that far. When you create your profile for the first time it results exhausting. You feel like you have entered a lot of information about yourself, and the more you enter the more tired you get. Check your LinkedIn profile again, and you will see what we are talking about. For sure you will find that it needs to be polished, here you will find 7 helpful tips to improve LinkedIn profile with the help of LinkedIn writer.

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Creating a LinkedIn profile that stands out should be the main concern you have when you get started on LinkedIn. The first step is to create LinkedIn account and this requires only your name and email address. The screen will pop up for you to fill in the blanks with information about you when creating LinkedIn profiles so there is no guesswork in the type of information required. However, the manner in which you write this information can make or break your efforts in creating a LinkedIn account because what is the purpose of having one if no one can find you. This is whereLiProfileWriter.com enters the equation with expertise.

Brand Yourself by Creating a LinkedIn Profile

Branding is a term that has developed with the advances of online marketing. It means making your company or your qualifications are known to those of significance to you and your goals.

This should be the first factor you consider when you start to create a LinkedIn profile that will stand out and be picked up by the search engine robots:

  • Think about the words or phrases searchers will use when they go online looking for someone with your skills or a company that sells your products or services.
  • These are the keywords for your profile but you have to do further research by using a Keyword Tool to determine how often they are searched for and how many other sites have the same words.
  • The keywords that have the highest search numbers and the lowest competition are the ones you should use to create LinkedIn profiles.
  • Be Professional. Use professional words and refrain from colloquial terms.
  • Create Your Personal Brand. Be neat. Observe a pattern on your profile to show consistency.
  • Be Direct. Use direct words like verbs or action words. Refrain from using adverbs and too much adjectives.
  • Highlight Experience. Talk about your experience in previous or present companies. Highlight achievements in the company and not in personal life.
  • Highlight Skills. Talk about your skills and how it helps you succeed in your job. Mention numbers or quantities that support your skills.
  • Include certifications. Mention certifications relevant to your skills and experience.
  • Don’t forget education. Include your educational background for further support on your training and experience.
  • Don’t make it look like Facebook. Make it formal and professional at all times.
  • Don’t be too sassy. Be professional on the choice of words, format, and flow of ideas. Do not include unnecessary information.
  • Include contact number because companies will be contacting you anytime soon.

Now that you have these words, you have to write the overview in creating a LinkedIn profile that incorporates them in a natural way.

Optimized Linkedin Profile - It`s

More Online Visibility

Improved Employment Opportunities

More Business Partners

Broader Clients Reach

Steps for a Perfect Linkedin Profile

  1. Hire a professional profile developer like us to help you.
  2. Review the profile you created.
  3. Be professional in writing your own profile.

3 Things to Avoid in Writing a Linkedin Profile

  • Avoid too being too wordy. Be consistent and professional. Use action words to describe your skills and experience. Include only the important details about your profession.
  • Avoid being too personal. This is your professional profile and not your social media account.
  • Avoid copying other profiles. If you need help, hire LiProfile writer to develop a LinkedIn profile for you. But never copy someone else’s.

More Than Meets the Eye in Creating a LinkedIn Profile

It is much more than simply filling in the blanks after you sign up for LinkedIn. Creating a great LinkedIn profile basics are very simple. It is what you say about yourself and how you say it that matters most in writing your profile. LiProfileWriter.com is the premier site to use when you need help.

linkedIn optimization checklist

Your LinkedIn Optimization Checklist

complete linkedin profileThe profile should be completed. Your profile should contain all the required information that classifies it as 100% complete. If it is not 100% complete you will not show among the search results. The most important sections include a summary, your employment history, skills, and education. Adding a professional photo to your profile increases the chances to get your profile noticed. Hint: provide your credentials (PhD, MBA, etc) near your name to get a higher ranking.

linkedin recommendationsGather recommendations. Make sure to have good testimonials or recommendations about what a good professional you are. Keep in touch with your contacts so you can obtain as many LinkedIn recommendations as possible. These endorsements sometimes become crucial in making HR decision whether to contact the person or not.

You may also check our LinkedIn endorsements generator.

introduce yourself on linkedinIntroduce yourself when appropriate. This will help you to enhance your professional network and gain useful connections. However, you should always show some consideration. Make sure that you take into account other’s people agenda and always customize your emails when sending them to the needed person. Having many connections is one of the most important steps towards LinkedIn profile optimization.

update linkedinKeep it updated. Great activity should be recorded in your profile. If you keep your information updated, recruiters and employers will know that the information is reliable and not obsolete. Furthermore, it will help you to avoid unpleasant situations on the interviews, when HR may ask questions about current activities you listed on LinkedIn long time ago, but didn’t update on time. Always recheck your profile before going to the interview!

follow companiesFollow companies that you are interested in working with. This will give you updates from the company you are interested, more important, it will keep you updated about open positions and hot vacancies. If you start liking company’s posts and updates, it will automatically make you a very loyal job-seeker. Companies love such candidates and employees, and of course would be happy to have you in their team! Social sharing matters much nowadays.

job change notifierUse the tool “Job Change Notifier”. This amazing tool will keep you in the loop. You will get the opportunity to find information about a job vacancy asap, and it helps you realize about the progress of your connections. Get more power from LinkedIn add-ons and use all available tools this professional network has to offer you in searching the job of your dream. Progressive companies are using them for their benefits for a while already.

add a signature to linkedinAdd to the signature line your LinkedIn profile. Let people know they can find you on LinkedIn with the help of the link to your good LinkedIn profile. Add it to your email signature and many more people will visit your profile. This LinkedIn optimization trick will also help you gain many new connections. But this doesn’t mean you should list all possible social networks profiles in your signature.

Improve Your LinkedIn Profile with Us

As you see, there are so many ways to keep on improving your profile. We know those tips and much more to improve LinkedIn. If you need some help, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be glad to help in finding ways to improve your LinkedIn profile. Better yet, if you have not started yours already, let us know so we can create it and have it completed including all the must-have features.

It is time to improve LinkedIn profile in order to improve your professional career, contact us you will not regret!

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