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We all know the importance of profile pictures on social media. They are the first impression many people have every time they open our profiles. This affects the way people see us, how people have their first thought about our personalities and eventually makes people have different assertions about who we are or might be.

When it comes to LinkedIn upload resume, it is known that those who have a profile picture achieve at least 21 times more view and 36 times more messages. However, with LinkedIn CV writing service you won’t have to worry about how people see you anymore when LinkedIn upload resume. As the first thing this service takes into account is the LinkedIn profile photo, helping you to look a lot more professional.

But as a professional LinkedIn photo is not as easy as it seems to achieve, we’ve made a list with the most important LinkedIn photo tips for you to create a perfect picture that will attract more people and eventually achieve the success you are expecting to accomplish.

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Take a look further and find out more about these wonderful LinkedIn photo tips from experts in the matter!

7 Take-Me-Seriously LinkedIn Profile Picture Tips

If you want to increase your career opportunities on LinkedIn, the first step you will have to make is to change your profile photo. Having a good profile picture has a great importance in your job search, as it is the first impression you give to everyone who views your profile. However, how can you make your LinkedIn profile photo look good? Well, we have made a list with 7 Take-Me-Seriously Tips for your profile in LinkedIn from the best experts on LinkedIn:

1. Pick a well-taken photo

It is important that your photo looks great, clear as air and always making you look good. The best thing you can do to make your photo look wonderful is to hire a photographer or someone who has great skills at taking this kind of photos, it can be a friend or someone who has experience with professional looking pictures.

But always avoid selfies, Harrison Monarth from Entrepreneur says this about selfies in LinkedIn profiles:

“Even if you’re not in full-fledged duckface, it’s obvious when a photo is self-taken”. If you can’t find anyone to take you a photo, you can use a computer webcam with good resolution and take the photo by yourself.

But never use a selfie, “the stigma of the selfie is such that it’s not an acceptable method of photography for any professional endeavor”. Avoid them at all times! Also adds, “self-taken shots tend to be of lower quality, since your ability to control for light, etc., is limited.” Ends up his opinion with “It’s just lazy. Hand someone else the camera.”

As you see, it’s always better to make someone else take that photo for you, don’t fall into the “selfie area” and look totally unprofessional.

2. Pick a photo from your belly up

This is an important detail to take into account when taking a LinkedIn profile photo. Many people will tell you to take a full photo of yourself, or one that only shows your face; however, none of those make you look good and eventually distract attention from what matters. On the other hand, full-body photos may be hard to recognize from the distance.

Harrison Monarth advises:

“Make sure you are front and center, and the focus of the photo. If you opt for a more exciting shot in a specific locale, be wary of distracting backgrounds that may outshine you. Close-ups really are your best bet. The profile picture on LinkedIn is quite small. “

3. Dress appropriately

You know you have to look good, but more importantly is to look professional. You don’t want people to think that you dress like a teenager or that you don’t take your work seriously. Always choose for that set of clothes that make you look better but also professional and serious.

Lydian Abbot a Blog Editor from LinkedIn says:

“Wear clothes that match the level of dressiness at your office. If you work at a startup and wear sweats every day, you should probably step it up a notch. You don’t want to be over or underdressed.”

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4. Use a simple but professional photo

If you want to look good on your profile picture, it is important that you look simple, dress appropriately and don’t show more than what’s necessary. The photo should only be about you, without any other thing that may look distracting or make you look unprofessional.

Harrison Monarth also has something to say about this:

“It’s advisable to maintain a level of professionalism in all social media if you have a high-level job or are seeking one, so especially resist the urge to post arty shots, memes or cartoons and pictures of partners, kids or pets on LinkedIn.”

5. Pick a new photo

One of the best advice most people will tell you to follow is to use a current photo of yourself. As old photos can make you look like someone else.

Abbot has something to say about old photos:

“Have you ever had the experience of first seeing someone’s Facebook or LinkedIn picture online and then meeting them in person only to find that they look completely different (for better…or for worse)? If yes, you know it can be startling and even make you question their credibility.”

Monarth adds “You may look fantastic in that old mug, but you don’t want a connection or a recruiter expecting someone entirely different, should you ever meet face to face.”

So it is important to look as you do actually do in real-life with a current photo. It is also recommended to change your profile picture every time you get a haircut or change something in your face.

6. Don’t use different photos

If you have a professional brand or a business on the internet and you actually refer to them in your profile, try to look the same in those photos as you look in your LinkedIn. A Professional LinkedIn photo will make you look great but always like who you are and never different from how you look in social media. Using the same photo or photos that look similar in different places will make you trustworthy.

7. Look like someone reliable

This may seem unimportant or overlooked, but it is actually one of the best ways to make people take you seriously. Not only do you have to look professional but looking friendly at the same time is really important.

If you look like someone who’s easy to go with and someone they can put they trust in, you will be able to get more views from potential customers and employees, and why not? Maybe a great opportunity may arise.

Monarth says this about looking friendly:

“It’s always smart to go with a professional headshot, but this doesn’t mean it has to be bland. Show some spark, so anyone viewing your photo sees someone professional, but also someone with whom they’d want to work.”

Use a LinkedIn CV Writing Service and Achieve More Success

If you are eventually having problems with your LinkedIn profile photo, the best you can do is to use a LinkedIn CV writing service and hire a LinkedIn profile writer in order to avoid wasted effort and time making your profile look great but never achieving anything.

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