Choosing the Right LinkedIn Plugin for Your Website


One of the most visited social networking  sites people, especially job hunters and professionals, registered in is the LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a business-oriented platform that helps people set up their LinkedIn profile writer, connects with people, and start their professional careers through finding great opportunities within the LinkedIn Site.

Through utilizing the platform and choosing the right LinkedIn Plugins, you can easily link to your prospects and start business with them. You can choose among the nine LinkedIn Plugins available that best fits for your website.


Share on LinkedIn

This LinkedIn Plugin helps website generate more traffics because it enables your contents to be shared  by LinkedIn’s professional audiences. Users can share your site which drives more audiences reaching your LinkedIn. You can select  among three Linkedin share plugin buttons to appear on your site.

  • Select the plugin button that shows the share counts vertically;
  • Select the plugin button that shows share counts horizontally; or       
  • Select only  plugin button without showing any share counts.

Whatever button you select among these three Linkedin social plugin options, you will receive similar advantages from each of them. Expect more traffic and visitors to your site. 

Follow Company Plugin

The Follow Company Plugin allows your website to conveniently engage with your prospect clients, business partners and job hunters. This Linkedin plugin enables your site to reach larger scope and increase the number of  your followers. Adding this Follow Company Plugin makes it easier to showcase your company page which  increases your influence in the platform. Once the users or visitors clicked the follow button, they will automatically be your follower and see updates of your post in their LinkedIn homepage. When your follower starts sharing, commenting and liking any of your posts,  your network will surely grow more. Once they started doing these, you can actually expect to reach more audiences and gaining more followers.

Member Profile

Discover more connections through Member Profile LinkedIn Plugin. You can build up more professional networks and start your personal business with them. Through this plugin, you can achieve higher profile exposure which is very beneficial in making your website known and stand out among the others. The Member Profile plug-in is your business card on the web. You will be able to introduce yourself to your visitors because information, like educational attainment, employment records and achievements, is shared publicly to the users. When visitors view your profile, they will be able to determine common LinkedIn users who are in contact with your site.

Sign In with LinkedIn

It is a lot easier for visitors to sign up with your website if you have the Sign In with LinkedIn Plugin. With this LinkedIn social plugin, your visitors can conveniently access your website without entering too much personal information again. Once they clicked the Sign In with LinkedIn plugin, information from their LinkedIn profile will automatically populate the information boxes. This LinkedIn plugin makes use of the users LinkedIn identity which is very accommodating and helpful. This also allows them to easily start their interactions through your website. Without doing so much, you have effortlessly increased your website traffics through this Sign In with LinkedIn plugin.

Company Insider

When you install this Company Insider LinkedIn plug in, you are about to disclose details about an individual or company. A customize information will show up which includes company members, job changes and new hire lists. This plugin improves your website contents and display personalized thoughts and news featured on your website. In just once click, you’ll be able to follow a company of your choice to be updated of their latest updates and news. This company Company Insider LinkedIn plug in helps in connecting you to more audiences by providing them with necessary information about your company stature. This builds your company identity and credibility.

Company Profile

Highlight your company on your website by adding the Company Profile Plugin.    This plugin serves as your business card which introduces you to the website visitors and followers. . In just a glance, you should feed readers with the key company information. Include your company logo because this will be the very first thing your visitors will see. You can also add a short company overview, number of company employees and location. With the Company Profile LinkedIn plugin, users can see if they have friends or colleagues working in your featured company. Through following your site, they will be able aware of new topics and discussions from your site.

Full Member Profile

Present your personal information on your website through Full Member Profile Linkedin Plugins. This is similar to Member Profile Plug in but this offers more extensive details of yourself. Display your previous and current employment, educational attainments and a brief self introduction. Even the last shared posting can be presented on your site through this LinkedIn plug in. It may be a detailed or large information, Full Member Profile plugin can contain these on your website. Installation of this LinkedIn plugin entails a long procedure because it made use of codes and LinkedIn JavaScript API.

Jobs You May Be Interested In

Engage with more visitors and users through this Jobs You May Be Interested In LinkedIn plug in. Post job openings and hirings on your website and see how fast your site ranks up while continuously increasing its traffic. Through this Jobs You May Be Interested In Plugin, you have the option in posting job openings on your website.

  • You can personalize your company’s featured jobs for your specific visitors; or
  • You can highlight the best LinkedIn job openings for your website visitors.

Any of these options will help you maximize your reach because this Jobs You May Be Interested In Plugin can boost more website engagements than your usual site interactions.

linkedin profile overlook

Alumni Tool Plugin

This widget is a specialized LinkedIn plugin that helps in tracing alumni and student careers. With the current employer, industry and location of LinkedIn users, you will be able to identify work engagement of your previous students. A particular institution can track this information through the Alumni Tool Plugin. Your website can determine the number of alumni members who are working on a particular and similar industries. This is a great plugin for higher-education institutions. Your website goal and objectives will determine the best LinkedIn Plugins you can install. One thing is for sure, through utilizing any of these LinkedIn plugins, you can expect an increase of traffic and website visitors.

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