Data Manager LinkedIn Profile Review

More than 45% managers create the profiles on LinkedIn that really impress the employers. There are still 15% employed data managers who don’t consider LinkedIn as an effective source for finding best jobs. It is a fact that when you become part of social networking medium for showing online presence as professional or finding related jobs, it definitely pays off well.

The review is written by our best LinkedIn profile writers and primarily based on LinkedIn’s All Star level of completion. A complete profile helps you be found by your future employers or clients.

data manager best linkedin profile

To reach All-Star status, the best LinkedIn profile should include:

  • Your industry and location
  • An up-to-date current position (with a description)
  • Two past positions
  • Your education
  • Your skills (minimum of 3)
  • A profile photo
  • At least 50 connections

Your profile picture and headline are two of the most important and most viewed elements of your profile. Consider updating your headline to give a quick overview of your background and the type of positions you are seeking. Instead of ‘Actively Seeking Employment’, you could update your headline to say ‘Experienced Data Manager and Corporate Trainer Seeking Position’.

Optimized Linkedin Profile - It`s

More Online Visibility

Improved Employment Opportunities

More Business Partners

Broader Clients Reach

Adding a summary section would allow you to give an overview of your experience and explain more about types of positions that you would like. Consider attaching your resume here as well and allow recruiters and future employers to review as they view your profile. Listing more information, including describing your duties will help complete the experience section of your profile. LinkedIn allows space for up to 50 skills to be listed in your skills section. Your current profile does not have any skills listed. Having skills related to your previous positions and the position you are seeking will give your profile visitors a better understanding of your abilities.

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This Is How Data Manager’s LinkedIn Profile Can Be Improved

As a data manager, it is definitely important for you to create a LinkedIn profile that can stand out in the crowd. This is not as complex as you think:

linkedin profile review

Quotes by Experts with Helpful Suggestions

When you sign up for the LinkedIn profile, make sure that you’ve ample information about it. The tips, suggestions, quotes, and advice by experts are highly significant to be followed. Someone has shared a good line, “Decide. Commit. Succeed.” This shows that once you plan for doing something, you need to attempt it and think of getting immense success. You simply need to create the profile by paying attention to Summary’s section and other elements.

Few Ideal Steps to Write Your Profile Review

  • Let’s start auditing the rich media by doing a demo of product on Facebook or appeared in the video of YouTube. Underneath the section of summary, add these files and links.
  • Make sure that all the written experience is correct and doing it by archiving previous experience. Simply, click and drag each position’s block by changing the sequence of your current experience.
  • If you’ve mentioned any URL of personal website, make sure to update content of site and share that on the profile.
  • Rewrite the content of summary by updating the info i.e. current job duties, skills and other related info. Do it at least once a week.

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