How to Put a LinkedIn Badge on Your Website


It will be easier for your website visitors, especially those busy professionals, to follow your updates and start a business with you if they have access to your pages and sites. It is imperative that you add a LinkedIn Badge to your site in order for your visitors to be directed to your page once they click it.

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A successful company needs to establish the presence in social media and especially in the sites devoted to finding new employees so the LinkedIn buttons on the company page will never be redundant. With the help of such buttons, the client and the potential employees can engage and easily follow your business activity. Such buttons can also help your business to grow the base of the followers. With the help of LinkedIn follow buttons the visitors don’t puzzle themselves with finding your account on LinkedIn to join you, all is synchronized so that everything the person needs to do is to go on your site and click on the button. When the person follows you through the following badge the updates will be visible on that person’s LinkedIn feed. Setting up a badge on your website is just simple. Follow the step-by-step guide in creating a LinkedIn badge to your site below and enjoy the buttons that will simplify the work with LinkedIn related questions and features.

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How to Put a Linkedin Badge on Your Website

LinkedIn is a great avenue to promote your website through your LinkedIn profile. Putting your LinkedIn badge on your website is fast and easy. You can use your LinkedIn badge on your website, email, or blogs to let people know about your interests and get connected to you through LinkedIn. To put your badge on your website, follow these easy steps:

Share Badge on LinkedIn

Like Facebook Share button and Twitter Retweet Button, LinkedIn has its own sharing button that allows users to share LinkedIn contents with their networks.

You can add this professional Linkedin badge for website conveniently. How to add this badge LinkedIn to your site?

  • Choose from the three Official Share on LinkedIn themes—- horizontal count, vertical count, and no count.  (Vertical count displays the number of share count at the top of the button. Horizontal Count displays the share count on the right side of the button. While No Count only shows the button on your page.)
  • Once you have chosen the theme you want to add, copy and paste the code.
  • Add it to the website post loop. Go to your site and the Share on LinkedIn button will appear.

Follow Company Plugin

You can grow your company by adding a Linkedin company badge on your site. They can easily access your website updates once they follow you. In this way, followers can actively participate in your page activities. Adding the Follow Company Button is very easy:

  • Sign in to your account
  • Enter the company page name
  • Choose your preferred language 
  • Select the type of count mode you want to have on your site. Either horizontal count or No count follow button.
  • Get the code
  • Paste the code on your website.

After making the process, your Follow Company Linkedin badge for the website will display.

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Member Profile

This Linkedin badge for website functions as a business card of your page. This Linkedin badge includes your basic information which is shared publicly to the users. Most startup companies and personal blogs has this member profile badge. To get this LinkedIn badge to your page, follow the procedures below:

  • Go to LinkedIn Developer Page.
  • Sign in to your account for quickly create a personalize badge LinkedIn; or
  • Paste your LinkedIn public URL which is found in your Profile
  • Select a display mode. Either Inline display mode, Icon/Name Display Mode or Icon Display Mode.
  • Choose between “On hover” or “Click” as your display mode behavior.
  • Decide whether you want “Show” or “Hide” your connections
  • Copy the Code
  • Paste it on your website post loop

Refresh your site and you will see your Member Profile Linkedin badge display on your site. Your website appears differently when you view it yourself. 


Sign in with Linked In

Your visitors can instantly register on your site using your LinkedIn information with this Sign In with LinkedIn badge for website. Information will automatically populate the blank boxes which conveniently completes the registration. This enables you to increase your website lead and traffics. To achieve this improvement for your site, you can start adding this LinkedIn badge to your website:

  • Go to LinkedIn
  • Log-in to your account
  • Click the “Hello World in Five Easy Steps” in the introduction.
  • Get the API key code
  • Paste the API code on your website.
  • Localize your Plugin by using similar language to your site. LinkedIn will supply lists of language codes.
  • Translate your website language by supplying the lang-locale code (5characters) and “lang” parameter. If not, the LinkedIn badge will show with the default English language.
  • Signed in members will be automatically converted as your LinkedIn member. Copy and Paste designated codes on the website <head> and <body> to do this.
  • After following the instructions, refresh your website browser and see the Sign In with Linked In badge on your site.      

Company Insider

Let job hunters discover your website’s reliability through showing some of your company’s information like current employees, new employed personnel and alteration of employee structures. It is advisable to put this Company insider Linkedin company badge on your website’s career page.

  • Sign in to your LinkedIn account
  • Enter the name of your company. You can use company I.D or choose from the dropdown.
  • Get the code
  • Paste it on the website post loop.

Go to your website’s career page and the Company Insider Linkedin badge for website will appear on top of it.

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Company Profile

This serves as a business card for your company. The Company Profile Linkedin company badge displays your company logo, company summary, employee numbers, LinkedIn associates and Follow button. Display this Linkedin badge on your homepage, contact, career page and about.

  • Sign in to your account
  • Input the company name
  • Copy the code
  • Paste it on your page’s post loop.

Introduce your company to more audiences through this Company profile LinkedIn badge for website.

Full Member Profile

Professionally present yourself through the Full Member Profile Linkedin badge. Show your experiences and educational attainment through this plugin. Conveniently set up this Linkedin badge on your site.

You have just installed the Full Member Profile LinkedIn Badge on your site. 

Jobs Vacancies Your Website Visitors May Be Interested In

Post job vacancies on your site that your website visitors will be interested in. You can share your company vacancies or job hirings from other industries. Add this LinkedIn Widget on your career section:

You can now share and inform your networks about latest job vacancies on the web.

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