Inclusive Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Why Would You Want LinkedIn Optimization?

According to some surveys, some 85% of roles are filled through LinkedIn, while more than 90% of recruiters are going to carefully review your profile. Therefore if your profile is less than complete and of a poor standard then you are going to be quickly moved to the back of the line. You must improve LinkedIn profile pages if you want to improve your business network or to be considered for that next opportunity. So knowing how to update LinkedIn profile pages is vital to your success.

Understanding how to optimize LinkedIn profile pages, however, is not something that comes easily to many. So using professional LinkedIn profile help to optimize your LinkedIn profile is often the most effective way forward. Using a professional for improving LinkedIn profile pages can help you to get your profile improved significantly in a very rapid manner.

We have been optimizing LinkedIn profiles for several years and our experts are able to provide you with some of the most effective help and advice that you will find online. Through us, you can access all of the tips and support that you need to optimize LinkedIn pages to a standard that will get you noticed.

15 Ways to Improve Your Profile

So where do you start with LinkedIn profile optimization? The following are some of those areas that you really do need to concentrate on when you start looking at how to go about improving LinkedIn profile pages:

  • Look at your competition: often the best place to start is to simply see what others are doing in your field. Take the time to review their profiles and see what they do to make their profiles stand out.

Expert Tip: Drop the information from their profiles into a word cloud tool to highlight the specific keywords that they are using on their profiles.

  • Use the best photo: using your latest holiday snap or one of your boat is not going to help you or impress anyone. Use a professional looking headshot as your profile picture.

Expert Tip: A picture of you behind a podium or in front of a presentation screen will help add authority to what you do.

  • Customize your URL: this is the web address of your profile page and it will be created initially as a string of numbers. You can change this to something more professional and memorable.

Expert tip: Use your /firstnamelastname if you can. If this is already used then try adding your initial or your role to make your URL unique to you.

  • Make your headline stand out: the headline under your name will always default to your current job title. You can, however, edit this to make it more unique to you and to stand out.

Expert tip: try to stand out from others in your role and industry by adding your value proposition. Show them what they get by hiring you straight from your headline.

  • Join the right groups: not only does this help you to demonstrate your commitment to your field of interest it also allows you to connect to many others in your area.

Expert Tip: Join your Alumni network as this will help you to gain more contacts that may be able to help recommend you.

professional tips to improve linkedin profile

  • Share what you read: this shows that you are keeping abreast of what is going on in your field and can make you ten times more likely to get seen by a recruiter.

Expert Tip: don’t share just anything as you may on sites like Facebook. Stick to articles and information relevant to your industry and role.

  • Share your website or blog: this is an ideal way to show off your expertise in your area and provide the reader with yet more information about you.

Expert Tip: don’t share something that may not impress the recruiter. Sharing a political opinion blog may not be the best way forward if many will have opposing views.

  • Get recommendations: having someone else say how wonderful you are is far more effective than trying to blow your own trumpet.

Expert Tip: get recommendations from people in different age brackets and roles to show you can work with all.

  • Show relevant skills: always ensure that you show all of the skills for your role and seek people to endorse you for them.

Expert Tip: don’t add PowerPoint and other skills as these are expected of all in this day and age and you will not want them to eclipse the skills that the recruiters are looking for.

  • Follow the right people: show that you know who the movers and shakers are in your industry by following what they have to say through your profile.

Expert Tip: actually have a look at what these people have to say, they are not at the top of their profession for no reason.

  • Add volunteering experience: recruiters will see volunteer work as real work experience as well as you being able to show you don’t just finish work and go home to sit in front of the TV.

Expert Tip: feel free to add that you are looking for volunteer work or offering free consultancy within this section if you are looking for additional experience.

  • Increase your connections: the more connections you have the more people there will be in your network and the more chance you have of your profile being seen.

Expert Tip: don’t use the generic connection request, always rewrite your request so that the receiver knows who you are and why you are adding them.

  • Change the order of sections: there is no reason why you have to use the layout that LinkedIn provides you with by default. One way to improve LinkedIn profile strength is to move things that are more impressive higher up your profile so they are seen first.

Expert Tip: don’t forget to reorganize the order if you start to add more impressive things that are now hidden further down the page.

  • Use Keywords: look at what recruiters are looking for with regards to job adverts and ensure that you reflect the language that they use in your profile.

Expert Tip: don’t use words like “dedicated” and “effective” which are heavily overused on the site. Be more creative with your writing and support your claims with examples and other evidence.

  • Be active: join in conversations in the groups that you belong to, share what you read, and publish on the site. All of these things will help your name to get known in your field.

Expert Tip: LinkedIn is a networking site and as such the more you use it the more likely you are to get what you are looking for. Do not simply go to it when you are looking for a job and ignore it the rest of the time.

How to Improve My LinkedIn Profile

There are many ways to improve LinkedIn profile strength, but if you don’t have the time and the experience you may simply not be able to get things to the right standard. This is why you may want to turn to us for help optimizing LinkedIn profile pages. We will be able to pair you with an expert in your role and industry that will be able to work directly with you to bring your profile up to the highest of standards.

Our experts understand everything from keywords optimization in your profile through to ATS trends in the system. They will be able to guide you to ensure that you get just what you are looking for from your profile.

Optimized Linkedin Profile - It`s

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Do You Offer Guarantees If You Improve My LinkedIn Profile?

Our professional LinkedIn profile writers are some of the best that you will find online and we are confident that you will be fully satisfied with their support. In fact, we totally guarantee it. They work with you to ensure that your profile is just as you want it, should you want something changed then we offer unlimited revisions on our services. Should we be unable to satisfy you then we will return your money.

In addition, we offer you:

  • Guaranteed confidentiality
  • Guaranteed proofreading and plagiarism testing
  • Guaranteed delivery on time

If you want to improve LinkedIn profile pages to a standard that is going to get you noticed just work with our professional services for affordable support that you can rely on totally!

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