Resume Linkedin Service View on Custom Url: Use or Not to Use?

We all know that making the best possible LinkedIn profile is what eventually will help us to achieve much more views and opportunities in our working life. But creating a good profile can actually be really difficult and can involve many things like uploading a nice picture, adding relevant skills or just customize LinkedIn URL. Observe an electrical engineer LinkedIn profile review here.

If you are failing with any of these, a Resume LinkedIn Service can be your best friend, as it will help you achieve whatever you want of your profile. This kind of service knows exactly how to optimize a profile to make it more appealable and interesting to potential clients, customers, and employers.

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Not only uploading a photo can make your profile have 21 times more views and achieve 13 times more messages, but having a LinkedIn custom URL can eventually improve all of these, even more, making you have more success on this platform. However, there are many different opinions about the customized address for LinkedIn profiles, so is important for you to know which are the advantages and the disadvantages of creating a customized LinkedIn profile address. Keep reading further this article and find out about the many different ways a custom URL for LinkedIn can help you and how it won’t.

Is It OK to Use a LinkedIn Custom URL?

There are many opinions about the use of a custom URL in LinkedIn, but most of them tend to be really positive about the many benefits it can bring to someone if they start using this wonderful resume LinkedIn service.

For example, Bill Bender on Linkedin4Ministry said:

“Not customizing and using your LinkedIn Public Profile is like building a website, giving it an obscure hard to remember the name, and not telling anyone what the address is.”

This means that when you don’t customize your profile URL, it is very likely that it will be given an URL just like millions of other people, making it harder for potential viewers to take a look at your profile. On the other hand, it will give a sense of less professionalism and seriousness, especially if the link doesn’t look good at all.

He also adds “Another subtle advantage of a customized LinkedIn URL is it tells other LinkedIn users that you know your way around LinkedIn!” meaning that when you use a custom URL, it makes other people know that you actually know how to use this wonderful platform, making you a better choice and a more proactive one.

Sharan Kulkarni from LinkedIn has also said:

“The importance of having a custom URL for LinkedIn or any other social media shouldn’t be underestimated”, he also adds, “for anyone who wants to promote their profile, by adding their custom URL/web address will be easier to find potential customers and clients”.

That’s why we totally recommend using a customized LinkedIn profile address as it will make your profile look better and eventually achieve much more views. Also, it will help your profile to appear on more search engines while also making it easier for people to remember it in case they need to come back to your profile.

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How to Use a LinkedIn Custom URL

If you want to add “My LinkedIn URL” as a resume customization of your LinkedIn profile, you will have to do the following:

  • Look for the Profile tab on the LinkedIn main page. Look for the “Edit Profile” option and click on it.
  • After that, look for the assigned URL of your profile below the photo, click on the pencil icon to edit it.
  • When the new page opens, where it says “My LinkedIn URL” at the top of the page, you will click and then add your own customized address.
  • Try to add a Custom URL that is easy to remember but also portrays what you do and part of your name. However, if it is a business profile, you will have to think it thoroughly before changing it correctly.
  • After changing and adding your own customized address, click on “Save” and you will have your own LinkedIn Custom URL.

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Improved Employment Opportunities

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Benefits of Using a Customized LinkedIn Profile Address

Having a Custom URL on LinkedIn can have many different benefits regarding your success on the platform. By using a great custom URL you will be able to achieve more than with a normal URL, especially because it will make you look more professional. However, the best benefits of using a LinkedIn Custom URL are these:

  • Makes it easier to find your profile. When you create a custom URL, you are very likely to use your names or your business names. This will eventually make it easier for people to find your profile and eventually show it in search engines like Google. Using a well-constructed URL will make your profile achieve more views.

According to LinkedIn Sponsored content, those profiles who have the necessary content and boast a great URL address, are the ones who potential customers see first, and if they are complete enough, these are the one they pick.

  • Boosts credibility and professionalism. When you customize LinkedIn URL, people will see you as someone who actually puts enough effort in making his profile look good. Also, people will think that you care how you look on the platform, making you a detail-oriented person, someone who can be taken seriously and that you care how other people perceive you. This will be the best way to present yourself.
  • Looks better. It’s not a secret that using a Custom URL can actually make your profile look better. It is like using a headline or a title, it can be the first thing people take into account when they access your profile. However, some people may not find out about it at the first moment, but when they do, they will see that this little detail actually makes you a person who cares about how he looks.

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Using a Resume LinkedIn Service for Custom URL Optimization

If you want to customize LinkedIn URL, there’s no better way than using a Resume LinkedIn Service. With this service, you will be able to improve your whole LinkedIn profile easily and really fast, making your profile a lot more compelling and appealing to all those potential employers, clients, and colleagues on LinkedIn.

Contact us today about the best way to use a customized address with a Resume LinkedIn Service and we will happily help you with your profile!