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Having a LinkedIn is not as easy as just creating a profile and adding your work areas, skills and work history. It actually involves being an active user and eventually reaching different places in order to find potential customers and employers.

With a LinkedIn Resume Service, you can optimize LinkedIn for different search engines and most importantly, optimize it to make it more reachable and easy to find when someone is looking for skills like the ones you are good at. This will immensely increase your earnings and sales, as 53% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to find more customers and clients.

However, achieving a great LinkedIn profile optimization demands the user owner to create the most powerful keywords and appealable content and use them in their profile in order to be seen in different search engines like Google. A good LinkedIn profile will make you increase your earnings and eventually elevate your professional career much more than you think. Observe how you can take advantage of our LinkedIn optimization service.

That’s why we have created a list of the best LinkedIn summaries of the most effective strategies to make your LinkedIn profile appear in Google and other search engines. Take a look further to find out more!

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10 Tips to Optimize LinkedIn Profile for Google

It is known that most B2B buyers tend to make at least 12 online searches before finding the right option. Also, 74% of them tend to choose the company that offers the best content for them, and this is all about correctly optimizing your LinkedIn profile for business.

However, with more than 1 million members publishing their services in LinkedIn it is more than necessary to use a professional LinkedIn profile optimization in order to be seen and stand-out from others. So, we have the best strategies for you to optimize your profile easily and more efficiently.

Take a look:

  1. Complete your profile entirely

Completing every blank space of your profile is the first step you need to make in order to be able to optimize your profile for search engines. If you want to be more reachable, you need to fill every space you have on your profile, from skills, work history and make a wonderful description with complete information and eventually improve your reachability.

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Optimized Linkedin Profile - It`s

More Online Visibility

Improved Employment Opportunities

More Business Partners

Broader Clients Reach

  1. Ask for a custom URL

A Custom URL is one of the easiest ways to make your profile appear in a Google search. As we all know, links are one of the most important features if you want to optimize the SEO of your LinkedIn profile. A custom URL will let you put whatever you want on the link in order to make it easier for you to target your audience or for people to find you on this platform.

  1. Use powerful keywords on jobs titles and skills

This is some of the most important details to take into account when creating a LinkedIn profile. You will need to use the exact keywords most buyers, employers and potential clients may be looking for. For this, we recommend doing a proper research of what do people often look for when they search for services like the one you offer.

Making a great use of powerful keywords of your job titles and skills will make it easier for potential clients to find your profile and eventually increasing your profile visits a lot more. However, it is important to always keep it real, never lie or exaggerate in anything you do, just look for those keywords that are most used and add them if you comply with them.

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  1. Use keywords on your blogs or websites

A good LinkedIn profile needs to boost your business blogs or websites depending on what you prefer to use. However, you will not only have to add them to your profile, using the proper keywords to describe and entitle them according to your area of work just as explained before.

  1. Join and participate in groups

Remember that just as increasing your connections; being part of groups in LinkedIn also makes it easier for search engines to show your profile. However, not only being part of a group can be enough, we also recommend participating a lot, making use of keywords and such in order to make your posts and participations able to get you much more visits and views.

  1. Expand your connections

Your search engine LinkedIn profile optimization depends greatly on a number of connections you have. Even more importantly, the amount of work and business connections you have with other businesses and big profiles on the platform. As a social network, LinkedIn also works better if you have more connections, so start connecting with people and find out the many benefits.

  1. Upload a great picture

Yes, you may think that this is totally irrelevant for search optimization, but this actually helps a lot, especially if the name of your business or your own name is a really common one. Uploading a picture will make it easier for people to recognize you, but you will have to look more professional and reliable.

  1. Optimize LinkedIn history

Whatever you have done in the past as a professional, it is important to make it visible on your profile now. However, you may also want to investigate about the best buzzword 2017 depending on your area of expertise.

  1. Show your good reviews and recommendations

If you have worked before in an area that may be difficult to prove expertise at, it is important that you have something else than your word to prove it. So, every time you sell a product or efficiently offer a service, ask your customers or clients to make a review or endorsement about their experience with you and then post it on your profile, this will increase your credibility.

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  1. Embed your profile link everywhere

Know an easy way to make your LinkedIn Profile more reachable? Post it wherever you can, especially if the site has similarities to your area of work and expertise. This will make it easier for Google to show your profile depending on where and how you’ve shared your profile with other people and on other websites. A custom URL will immensely improve this point.

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Use a LinkedIn Resume Service

Want to know how to make most of these tips possible for you without having to put a lot of effort on time on this matter? Use our LinkedIn resume service and make it happen without any problem and faster than you think.

If you use our LinkedIn Resume Service, you will be able to increase your connections, profiles visits, messages and eventually your total earnings.

Contact us today for the best advice on LinkedIn profile optimization and achieve everything you desire with our help!

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