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Why Do You Need a Personal Website?

Online branding is becoming more and more important not just for businesses but also for individuals if they want to stand out in their job searches. The LinkedIn profile writer team has many secrets for guaranteed successes in job searching.

As Michael Fertik says writing for the Harvard Business Review:

“The future of employment and digital reputation is likely going to be a one-way ratchet. Employment decisions are already being made based on our online reputations by people. But more and more, those decisions will be made or all-but-made by machines.”

So having a personal professional website is becoming more and more important if you want to ensure that you will stand out. Often you are going to be competing against hundreds of others for a new job. So to have any chance of being selected for an interview you have got to make yourself different to everyone else and get the attention of the recruiters.

creating personal professional website

Creating a personal professional website as an online portfolio and resume is a great way to build your career marketing. But creating a website that will be capable of enhancing your reputation online and helping you to win that job is not at all easy.

The Benefits of Creating Personal Website for Recruitment

Whether it is a one-page personal website showcasing your resume or a full-blown online portfolio showing off years of projects that you have worked on, it is going to boost your chances of being found. Many jobs just never get advertised so if you have not got a presence online with an online profile on LinkedIn and your own personal website then you are not going to ever get a chance at those jobs. Established and well made personal websites will increase your visibility online significantly and help you to be discovered.

In addition to their ability to help you get found a well put together site will also:

  • Make you stand out as a suitable candidate
  • Help you to show off your personality as well as your abilities
  • Provide the reader with unique information about you that is not available elsewhere
  • Allow you to show off your technical skills fully
  • Make you available for recruitment at all times


How to Make a Personal Professional Website

Creating that personal website for job search or online career marketing does not have to be a hard task. Although it can be quite time-consuming if you have never put together a website. There are however many different platforms that are accessible online through which you can build your site and an almost infinite number of ways that you could make it look.

The following advice will help you to put together a site that is going to help you to stand out in the searches:

  • Don’t just simply copy your existing resume and call it a day
  • Select a theme (design) for your site that is uncluttered and will make your information stand out
  • Use only fonts that will be easy to read and don’t try to be clever with using multiple colors that may be difficult for some to read
  • Select the best of your information to showcase within your site
  • Ensure that you understand and use relevant keywords for your industry and role
  • Utilize relevant graphics to highlight what you want to show
  • Ensure that you have clear and easy to use navigation so that information is easy to find
  • Make sure that your site is able to display a variety of different screen sizes
  • Check that all images are clear and that pages will load quickly
  • Have a very clear “Contact Me” style call to action
  • For have proper recommendation section use LinkedIn recommendation sample

Contact us now and our experts will make a modification to the site or the content until you are fully satisfied with how it looks and performs!

Our Experts Are Qualified to Help You

Putting together a website that is going to boost your visibility online and show you as a good choice to select for an interview is going to take expert support if you want it done well. You need a combination of both website design skills and recruitment expertise; something that we are able to provide you with.

Our services have been available online for several years and through us, you will gain access to qualified staff that has proven their skills many times over. Each is an excellent communicator in English and is able to provide you with proven support within your specific area of industry and job role. Our standard package provides for a website with up to 5 pages which you can use to promote yourself.

They work with you through our services to provide you with a perfectly created website that is going to promote your abilities to the full. It will also utilize industry and role-related keywords that are vital in ensuring that your site will be found through searches. All work is done to your expectations, however, if you feel that changes are needed to the site then we provide you with unlimited revisions.

Benefit from Working with the Best

Not only will we provide you with the best and most qualified staff to work with we will also provide you with all of the other professional support and guarantees that you would expect from a professional service. Through our services you will get access to:

  • A rapid turnaround on all of our services and guaranteed delivery on time
  • Unique content that is fully tested for plagiarism
  • Proofreading to eliminate any writing errors
  • Very affordable pricing that you will struggle to beat for the quality provided
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with our confidential help or your money back

Make your online presence stronger and boost your job hunting success with the help of our personal professional website creation services!