Secrets to Edit Linkedin Profile on the Highest Level

Why Do I Need to Edit My LinkedIn Profile?

LinkedIn is the biggest network for professionals seeking employment or to network with others in their field. It boasts over 500 million users as of the start of 2018 and is growing at more than 2 users every second. Some 40% of the users are active on the site daily. Creating a LinkedIn profile or LinkedIn student summary that is impressive is vital for your job hunting and professional development. Being able to edit LinkedIn profile in a way that will keep it up to date and in line with expectations in your field is also very important.

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But where do you start? What do you need to concentrate on in your profile to make sure that you are going to stand out in a way that is going to further your aims? Some stats say that 97% of recruiters use LinkedIn in some way, so if you want to get yourself known and land that next position it is vital that you keep your profile up to date.

Our professional services have been helping users to promote their profiles on LinkedIn for many years. We have the experience to be able to show you the most effective ways to edit profile on LinkedIn. We offer some of the most effective advice you will find online with editing your LinkedIn profile in a way that will get you noticed.

How to Edit LinkedIn Profile Effectively

LinkedIn is not just simply a list of contacts that you may know and should never be treated as such. It is a site through which you can network as well as learning more about what is going on in your own industry. Simply keeping your information up to date on your profile is not going to be enough if you want to get yourself known.

The following are a few of the areas that you should be looking at to spruce up your profile in a way that will help you to stand out as well as to get seen in the searches:

  • Turn off notifications: if you are not careful you will share every small edit that you make with each and every person in your network. Not such a good idea if you are job hunting and don’t want your current employer to know.
  • Look at what others do: take the time to review the profiles of others that are in your role and industry. See what works and what does not. Look at the profiles that you find and try to see what it is about them that makes them stand out.
  • Use a good professional photograph: your latest holiday snap is not what you should be using or that pretty kitten picture. You should use a professional headshot with a plain background. Those profiles with a picture receive significantly more visits than those without.
  • Update your URL: this is the web address of your profile page, often just a series of numbers. However, if you click on edit profile and follow the links you will be able to modify it in any way that you like. Best is always your name, however, that is not always possible in which case you should add your role or some other description to make your URL unique to you.
  • Update your headline: directly under your name is the headline. By default, this will be your latest job title. However, you should edit it to make it more unique and specific to you rather than a generic title that will be shared by many others.
  • Make your summary stand out: not everyone takes the time to write an effective summary for their profile. When you edit summary on LinkedIn don’t make it overly long but do take the opportunity to introduce yourself and why you are so good in your role. Sell yourself fully and introduce your most impressive achievements.
  • Don’t use buzzwords blindly: “highly motivated”, “innovative” and many other words are overused on the site. They, however, will mean nothing if you cannot actually demonstrate that you are through the use of clear and effective examples.
  • Use role and industry related keywords: while buzzwords must be used with care you must also use the language that people in your role use. People with use these keywords when running searches. So if you are an “Excellence Manager” but in reality, you are what everyone refers to as a Quality manager use the term that everyone else will use.
  • List all relevant Skills: the keyword here is relevant, ensure that you cover all of the skills that are required and expected of your role and industry when you edit resume on LinkedIn. Again searchers may use those skills when looking for you.
  • Use other media: you don’t just have to use your writing to sell yourself on the site. If you have videos, graphics or anything else you can share these through your profile to stand out. This can include links to personal websites and even books and papers that you have published.
  • Is your contact information up to date: individual contact information should always be up to date and also professional. Using crude or humorous email addresses will not help your job hunt.
  • Do not simply copy your resume: your LinkedIn profile edit should not simply be to make your profile and your resume the same. Be more personal and talk to the reader using the first person.
  • Ensure all basic information sections are complete: a half finished profile or one that lacks certain information is not going to impress anyone. It will also not help you to be found in searches which will look for keywords within the sections.
  • Get networking: it is not just about your profile when it comes to getting found on LinkedIn. While a list of relevant groups will look good on your profile you should also ensure that you are actually active in those groups.
  • Stay up to date: whenever something changes, you publish something new, or you make a new achievement that is relevant ensure that you edit profile in LinkedIn to reflect it.

5 LinkedIn Editing Mistakes

The following are the biggest mistakes that you can make when editing profile on LinkedIn:

  • Spelling and Grammatical errors: you will want to make a perfect first impression when any recruiter or anyone else read your profile. Simple mistakes will leave them with the impression that you are not credible.
  • Lies and inconsistencies: with the internet being so connected you have to ensure that all of your profiles and other information all reflect the same information. Simple differences between your profile, resume, and other information can raise doubts in the minds of those reading.
  • Using irrelevant photos: if the first thing the recruiter sees is a picture of you and your significant other drinking cocktails on the beach it is not going to make the right impression.
  • Irrelevant information: while your basket weaving hobby may be all that interests you in your time not working it should not be the main focus of your profile. Stick to what is relevant to your profile and leave the rest for FaceBook.
  • Don’t only use LinkedIn when you need to find a job: the site is a social network and should be used as such at all times.

It has never been more important to edit profile in LinkedIn, as William Arruda says writing for Forbes:

“Over the past decade, LinkedIn has become an essential personal branding tool. It has never been more important to build and maintain a stellar LinkedIn profile. The virtual professional network has morphed from an online resume and networking site to a comprehensive personal branding resource.”

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