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professional linkedin profile writersAccording to some surveys as many as 92% of recruiters will check out your LinkedIn profile before making any decisions. So it is very important that you take the time to ensure that your profile is capable of portraying you in the best possible light. A less than professional image on LinkedIn or one that is frankly boring or lacking in information could cost you that next interview.

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More Online Visibility

Improved Employment Opportunities

More Business Partners

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Our LinkedIn expert could change all of that. They know precisely what recruiters are looking for from your profile and can help you to put forward an image that will help you to get selected for an interview or be contacted by that head hunter. They can show you everything that you need to know about profile building effectively on LinkedIn to get some real results.

Our LinkedIn writing services have been supporting job hunters for more than 5 years and we employ a wide range of experts that have experience across many different industries. Our staff work directly with you to ensure that your profile will be capable of getting the attention that you are looking for. Through our professional LinkedIn profile writers you will be able to make sure that your profile is one of the best in your profession.

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Work with a True LinkedIn Profile Expert

linkedin profile expertThere are many services out there that will simply pair you with the cheapest freelancer that they can find whether that person knows what they are doing or not. If you want good results from your profile, however, you must work with someone that truly knows what they are doing. Our experts are recruitment professionals that have many years of experience. Many have worked with us for 5 years or more and have proven their abilities and commitment many times over for our clients.

Because of the large team experts that we have to call on, we are able to support LinkedIn profile building and improvements across many different professions and industries to ensure that you will always get the best possible support. We always pair you with the best of our specialists to get the best possible results in your field.

We will review your requirements and select a LinkedIn expert that is:

  • Highly qualified with a postgraduate degree relevant to your field
  • Highly experienced in your field of application
  • Fully understands how LinkedIn works
  • Knows what recruiters are looking for from your profile
  • Knows how to make your profile search friendly
  • Has native level English language skills

How Can Our LinkedIn Expert Help You?

Our social media expert LinkedIn works directly with you throughout the process of profile crafting. They can use their years of experience to provide a comprehensive approach to build your professional network and help you get selected for an interview. Through them, you can be sure that your profile will be attention-grabbing and effective.

All of the support that we provide is tailored to your specific needs at all times and we can provide you with as much or as little help as you need. Through our Li expert you can get support with all of the following areas and more:

LinkedIn profile development

Our profile strength expert LinkedIn can help you with writing your profile completely from scratch. We do not simply copy your resume and upload that to the site, nor do we copy what any others have done. We will ensure that all steps are taken to ensure that your profile is totally unique to you as well as being an effective tool to market your abilities. Our experts work with you directly to ensure that your skills and abilities are correctly reflected. We also ensure that industry and role related keywords are used to make your profile stand out in relevant searches.

LinkedIn profile editing service

Ensuring that your profile is written using appropriate language and in an attention grabbing manner is very important and this is where our LinkedIn profile editing service comes in. We can provide you with a full profile makeover to improve how your page looks and performs. Our editor know how to improve all aspects of your page so that you will impress anyone that reads it. For instance they will help you to show your real skills not simply by making unsubstantiated claims but with clear and real examples. So if you have conducted challenging research they will show the examples and provide numbers to show the effectiveness of what you have done. This will include not only how your page looks and reads but also how it will perform in searches by recruiters within the site.

LinkedIn search optimization

There are many recruiters that will use the search functions within the LinkedIn site to search for new talent. There are also others that will use the search for other business related matters. Knowing the likely search terms that they will use and how and where to place them within your profile to get discovered effectively in the search is not as simple as many believe. This is why you will want to use our LinkedIn profile strength expert to help you.

Resume writing LinkedIn profile service

Your resume and profile should not simply be copies of one another. Your resume needs to be perfectly tailored each time to the specific job that you are applying to. Our experts know how to examine any job posting and draw out the specific information that you will need to have promoted through your resume to show that you are a perfect match. Our resume writers will ensure that your application clearly shows that you are an excellent match for their role.

LinkedIn coaching

If what you are looking for is one on one coaching to help you better understand how your LinkedIn profile should be structured and written then we can help you. We will provide you with direct contact with one of our coaches who will be an excellent communicator with native level English skills to help you to better understand your profile.

Cover letter and thank you letter writing

A good cover letter is an excellent opportunity to sell yourself effectively to the recruiter when making that application. It allows you to clearly show how you meet the main expectations of the role that you are applying to. Our experts can help you to draft a letter that will be highly effective and ensure that your application receives the consideration that is deserves.

Interview coaching

Many people are unprepared when they walk into an interview and this can have a huge impact on your chances of success. Our coaches can walk you through the types of questions that you may be asked within your interview based on your personal profile. Our experts are all highly experienced at interviewing candidates in your field and will be able to help you to prepare thoroughly to give the best impression.

Why Use Our LinkedIn Experts?

profile strength expert linkedinThrough our specialized services, you can be sure that you will always be working with the best qualified experts in your role and area of industry. Our staff work directly with you to ensure that your profile reflects you honestly and in the best possible light. We are confident that you will be fully satisfied with their expert support.

Not only are our experts the best we also provide you with all of the following:

  • Around the clock access to our friendly and knowledgeable online support
  • Fully certified proofreaders review all services to eliminate any errors
  • Free plagiarism report to confirm all writing is unique to you
  • Guaranteed on time delivery of all services
  • Fully confidential support, we never share your details with anyone
  • Very affordable pricing on all of the services that we provide
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with our Li support or your money back

Work with our LinkedIn expert here today and ensure that your profile is capable of impressing anyone from the first glance!