Top 20 Impressive Tips on Creating a Linkedin Profile

The Importance of Creating a Professional LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is not simply a list of contacts. It is a sophisticated networking tool that provides you with everything that you will need to build your personal brand. Well over 90% of recruiters will use LinkedIn either to find you or to check your profile. Creating a LinkedIn profile that makes you stand out is therefore vital. This is why so many will seek out edit LinkedIn profile or creating LinkedIn profile help.

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According to Omnicore there are over 500 million users on LinkedIn, of which 40% log into their account on a daily basis. Others claim that some 85% of jobs are found through LinkedIn. So it is important that you are creating a great LinkedIn profile that is going to get you noticed by others. However achieving this is not an easy task, especially with so many others competing for attention.

Our tips for creating a LinkedIn profile and professional help are provided by some of the best experts you will find in this area. We work with you to ensure that you will have all of the support that you will need to make your profile a successful one. Our services have been around for several years supporting job hunters and we are confident that you will be fully satisfied with the profiles that we will help you to create.

5 Most Important Areas to Pay Attention to When Creating a Linkedin Profile

When creating an effective LinkedIn profile there are a few areas that you should pay attention to right from the start. These are:

  • Ensure that you have a profile picture: a professional picture of your face is what should be used. Those with a profile picture are 7 times more likely to be seen in a search.
  • Ensure that your headline is descriptive: this defaults to your current job title, always change it so that it describes in you in a unique fashion.
  • Complete your summary: this is your opportunity to sell yourself by highlighting what you personally bring to the table.
  • Don’t just copy your resume into your profile: make your profile personal to you.
  • Ensure that your profile is complete: complete profiles have 40 times more chance of being highlighted for opportunities. A completed profile is one that:
    • Contains your current location and industry
    • Has your current position and description
    • Contains two past positions
    • Your education is completed
    • You list a minimum of 3 skills
    • Has a profile picture
    • You have 50 or more connections

Everything You Need to Know about Successful Linkedin Profile Creation

Whether you are creating a LinkedIn profile for students or creating a LinkedIn profile for business you will want to ensure that it is fully effective. The following creating LinkedIn profile tips will help you with LinkedIn profile creation:

  • Start by looking at what others have done: search for profiles of people in the same industry and role as you to see how they have written their profiles.
  • Get a customized URL for your profile: this is the web address of your profile and usually ends with a string of numbers. You can, however, edit this to reflect your name. If however your name is already taken you can add your job role or some other piece of text to make your URL unique to you. However, do not use something that may be seen as unprofessional.
  • Select an effective photograph: your picture should be pretty much like your passport photograph rather than a holiday snap or a picture of one of your kids or a pet. Alternatively, you can use an action picture of you actually doing your work.
  • Work on your headline: rather than simply stating your current position you can instead add something more unique that will indicate better the value that you can bring to an organization.
  • Use keywords that recruiters are searching for: look at the different adverts that you see for positions that you are seeking. By dropping those adverts into a word cloud tool you will be able to see the various words that are commonly used and that should be reflected in your own writing.
  • Work on your summary: crafting a stunning summary can help you get noticed by recruiters. You should use the first person and cover your most important accomplishments and what you have to offer any position. Ideally, this should be just 3 to 5 paragraphs in length and should contain a bullet list in the middle to highlight specific accomplishments.
  • Ensure your summary welcomes the reader: make the summary read in a way that you would use if you were actually introducing yourself to the reader’s face to face. You want to avoid being overly boastful and pompous, however, you do actually want to present yourself in the best light.
  • Don’t use buzzwords: while you need to use the keywords that the recruiters and other searchers will use within your profile you will want to avoid words that you fail to support. Such as “Motivated”, “Driven”, “innovative”, and “expert”. Often the way that they are used within LinkedIn does not really tell the reader anything. Demonstrate the person you are don’t just make claims using buzzwords that everyone else is using.
  • Demonstrate your achievements: sell yourself fully. If you have been selected to run projects or have achieved something impressive get it down. Show what you are capable of.

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  • Never simply list your responsibilities: as with your resume a recruiter will already know what the job entails. They want to know how well you have done the job and what you can achieve within the role.
  • Use numbers: if you are going to impress then quantify what you have done. Stating that you have increased turnover 3 fold to $4.5 million is far more impressive than just making the statement that you increased turnover.
  • Always have a current job position: many recruiters will search the current job title field for those holding a position. So having no current position will exclude you from those searches. So create a dummy job and use “in training”, or “seeking position”.
  • Use multimedia: there is no need to simply rely on your words when creating a LinkedIn profile. You can add presentations, slideshows, pictures and videos to make your profile stand out while showing what you are capable of.
  • Include previous work experiences: don’t just simply concentrate on your current role. You can add multimedia to all of your previous roles to add more examples of what you are capable of to impress those reading your profile.
  • Include languages spoken: these can be a huge advantage when applying for jobs or recruiters are looking for those that can work within specific countries or with different companies from around the world.
  • Request recommendations: try to ask for at least one every month to build up your recommendations. Try to get them to be as specific as possible and to cover the specific skills that you want to be known for.
  • Get endorsed for the right skills: ensure that you have the correct skills listed for your job and ask others to endorse you. Keep these up to date and ensure that they are truly relevant to your role and what recruiters and others will want to see.
  • Don’t be afraid to drop recommendations if they are not glowing or specific enough: some think that the more they have the better. But if they are non-specific then they really add nothing. Ten saying that you are “great person to work with” and little else is not going to impress anyone with what you have to offer.
  • Stay active: join groups that are relevant to your role and industry so that they are listed on your profile. Ensure that you stay active in those groups. Remember that LinkedIn is not just to keep all of your contacts in place. It is a way to network with those contacts and others so that your name gets known.
  • Keep your profile up to date: never simply create a profile and not come back to it as many do with their resumes. Keep it updated as things change.

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Who Can Help Create My LinkedIn Profile?

Many would like to seek out help creating a LinkedIn profile so that they can get their profile completed in an effective manner. Our LinkedIn profile creation service provides you with access to some of the best qualified and most experienced experts in this area. Our professional LinkedIn profile writers can support you with everything from creating an effective company profile on LinkedIn to your own personal profile so that you can be noticed by recruiters.

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