Linkedin Resume Service – Upload Resume in Linkedin or Not? The Expert’s View


LinkedIn is a website that you can use to put your profile and eventually achieve the opportunity to be hired or get new potential customers and clients. However, there’s a LinkedIn resume service that lets you upload the resume in LinkedIn and adapt it to your profile. This will help you a lot in achieving more profile views and messages from potential employers and clients. Observe LinkedIn customer service representative review here for your benefit.

But independently of what your work area is, it is always important to add your skills in order to achieve more views. As those who add at least 5 skills in their profiles achieve 13 times more messages and views. So, when you add CV to LinkedIn profile, you will have to make sure that your skills are listed, making it easier for people to find you depending on your previous works and abilities.

On the other hand, uploading your resume to LinkedIn can also have disadvantages and eventually decrease your career opportunities – so it is important for you to know why it’s not recommended to add the resume to LinkedIn profile and what do the experts say about it. Take a further look at this article and find out the many different views on uploading your resume to your LinkedIn profile!

Should You Upload Resume in LinkedIn?

Many experts have a different view on if you should upload your resume to LinkedIn or not. As a social media platform that works as a professional and business help with more than 450 million users, there’s always the necessity to improve and make your profile look better than others.

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However, there are many other ways of making your profile look better than uploading your resume to the platform. According to Lavie Margolin:

If the resume you bring up to your LinkedIn profile doesn’t match up with the one you send your employer, many questions will arise. This is something that can make you lose credibility and eventually make it harder on your job search.

He also adds “A resume is a piece of dynamic marketing that you should change and updated depending on the job search, but always reflecting your experience honestly with the relevant skills for the job”. This makes it important to always be honest and portrays what’s necessary without lying or putting anything that’s not relevant.

On the other hand, Michael O’Keffe from teleport my job has other reasons for why you shouldn’t add CV to LinkedIn profile. He says that:

A CV has all the information the employer needs to find out about you, making it a complete page of your professional profile.

However, he adds “Uploading your CV will let no space for you to surprise or let your potential employer about your skills depending on what they ask you”.

So, uploading your CV can also be really harmful to your career opportunities as it will make your LinkedIn profile almost completely without any space for you to let your potential customer, employee or client about your skills as they are already put into your profile. This can make your profile look less professional or just not interesting enough.

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Expert Advice on Your Resume Uploading to LinkedIn Profile

However, even when uploading your entire resume may look unprofessional and often making your profile look less interesting, there are also some reasons to at least add minimum parts of your resume or CV to your LinkedIn profile.

According to Louise Fletcher from BlueSkyResumes, uploading your entire resume to LinkedIn can be a major mistake, however, you can use some part of your resume that you think to make you a better choice or make you look more professional into your LinkedIn profile. She says something about this :

A resume is too long to fit in your LinkedIn profile, a resume is too much longer for LinkedIn and will also make it harder to read as we have short attention spans.Making the assertion that writing concisely is better than writing too much.

She adds “Make sure you add a summary of your resume communicating exactly what you want by also adding a strong headline that grabs attention depending on what you can offer”. Meaning that writing creatively is always recommended.

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So, even though uploading a resume to your LinkedIn profile can eventually make it harder for you to find clients, customers and potential employers, you shouldn’t take this recommendation as a total no, as adding parts of it can actually be beneficial if you know how to do it.

When LinkedIn upload the resume to your profile, you will see the difference on how a professional should look and how a beginner does. There is no need to upload it entirely to your profile, but it is always recommended it to take the best parts of your resume and use them in your profile by adapting them.

expert advice: should you add resume to linkedin profile

How to Upload Resume in LinkedIn

There’s a LinkedIn resume service that helps every LinkedIn user to upload the resume in LinkedIn easily without any problem. This process is one of the easiest to do in your profile and can eventually have many advantages.

If you want to know how to take a look at the following guide:

  • Open your Browser, go to LinkedIn and Log-In
  • After already being on the website signed in, go to the “Profile” tab on top of the page and click on “Edit Profile”
  • Scroll down a little until you see the button “Import your Resume” under the tab “Complete your profile Quickly”
  • After that, you will be given a navigation window in which you have to browse for the resume on your computer. Click “Browse” and then click “OK” to add it.
  • After having your resume already selected, click on “Upload Resume” to add the resume to LinkedIn profile. Some areas of your profile will be automatically filled out when you upload your resume.
  • Make any change necessary and remember that uploading your entire resume can be harmful, so it is important that you only left out what can make your profile look better.
  • After that, click on “Save Changes” and you will be enjoying from your resume on LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn Resume Service – LinkedIn Upload Resume

As you may already know from reading this article, uploading your resume can be really harmful or may also help you a lot depending on the parts of your resume that you upload to LinkedIn. However, it is always important to know how to do it correctly in order to make your profile look more professional and reliable for employers.

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If you need any help in making your profile look better, you can use a LinkedIn Resume Service to add CV to LinkedIn profile correctly, only adding what’s necessary and avoiding anything that’s not important.

Contact us today and we will be more than happy to help you with your LinkedIn Profile!